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Uploaded: 2011/03/29

Lyric video to Sum 41's song "Crash" from the album Screaming Bloody Murder. I own no rights to this song.

There are many different interpretations of this song's lyrics - that's what makes it beautiful.

Get well soon Deryck.


3 years ago


why are there pics of avril? They divorced and the song is not for her. Totally unrevelent.

3 years ago

Katherine Cole

It's so hard to listen to this song.. My father passed away 4 months ago at the young age of 46. Stupid cancer. He was given 3 months after being put under hospice care, and died 2 weeks after being released. I got to hold him one last time and say goodbye before he let go. He was the strongest, friendliest guy I've ever met. I miss him so much. This song only reminds me of it all. It's bittersweet.

3 years ago

Nicole Larentis

this songs is really sad but also it made me think about all those people who die young without have made every experience they could do in their whole life, and it made me think that I could have been one of those people. I'm so lucky..

3 years ago

Sam M.

Fuck I don't really listen to sum 41 anymore, but this song really related to me right now, lyrics are well written and could relate to a lot of people in many different ways. Pity the way life turns out sometimes when you really worked hard for something and dreamed of having your future a certain way with a special someone... But I guess life just has better plans...

3 years ago


Currently bawling my ass off...

3 years ago


for everyone wondering about the meaning of this song... This is about a car crash deryck witnessed. A man in one of the cars was hit badly. Deryck got out of his car to help him but the man died in his arms. This song is a what if song. What if it happened to him or someone he loved. What effect would someones death have?

3 years ago

Sabrina Berghi

The best song!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Little Heartache

it's so good listenning to this when you come back home after a bad day at school

3 years ago

Apex Head Quarters

i have to say the sum 41 community has to be the best because i have seen so many people talk about sad personal stuff and other people just supporting them and not say something like no one cares that's why i feel like this is the place where i can just say whatever is on my mind. but the thing i wanted to say the most is that i just love this community

3 years ago

Jinx Band

This song makes me tear up now, and made me bawl like a madman after my grandpa died last year. I lived with him for fifteen and a half years, and since I had a single mom, he was like my dad. It hurt like hell watching him take his last breath and die on the spot at home. I had downloaded this song, and all of 'Screaming Bloody Murder' long before, but only had listened to a few for the longest time. Playing video games less than a week after his passing, I had all of my Sum 41 on shuffle and in turn heard "Crash". Generally I'm one to just enjoy songs for what they are, not dive into lyrical meanings. But this song felt far too close to heart. Yet to this day I don't believe I have heard a more beautiful piece of art. Thank you, Deryck.

3 years ago

Mark McMahon

Guys this is not a relationship song. Deryck said he witnessed a car crash and he got the idea for this song. It's on his website

3 years ago


buena musica las de sum 41, y viva colombia hpta XD

3 years ago

Coralie Guénette

This song reminds me '' Last Kiss '' from Pearl Jam :)

3 years ago

Annika F

On his blog Deryck says that he wrote this song after he had seen a car crash just in front of his eyes. it was a really bad one and one of the drivers died immediatly. So I think it's about you never know when your life's gonna end...

3 years ago

PutraRelda 806

This my favorite song ...#SKUMFUK ..

3 years ago


let it be? is that you?

3 years ago

Daniel Brown

Deryck witnessed a car crash. He got out to help but the guy was already dead. He wasn't involved in the crash nor was it his wife. He got home and wrote this in minutes. Meh recorded the demo version literally an hour after the crash

3 years ago

Epicoaster Dragoneater

I feel like this song is about someone who has cancer and only has a few months to live.

3 years ago

pablo Crawford

It's so painful to not be able to have or finish what you want, it could be a relationship, a dream, a career. I'e experienced that kind of pain many times, not being able to have my dreams come true.

3 years ago


This song is about a friend of Deryck's who died in a car crash. It isn't about Avril Lavigne, I don't know why a lot of people think it is.

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