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Duration: 02:58
Uploaded: 2014/03/24

Annie Clark of St. Vincent tells us whether the tooth fairy, fine dining, babies and more are overrated or underrated.



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3 years ago

Huge Jackedman

she comes off as pretentious to me

3 years ago

ƒəɼдʅwave Ɠ

Humans don't have exoskeletons.

3 years ago

Joseph Tyrrell

Why you wearing a black trashbag while you're skinny, you trying to die?

3 years ago

Harry David

she secretly hates babies.

3 years ago

Anthony Valles

The babies stuff was gold. I though I was the only one who felt that way. Subsequently I would feel like a bad person for feeling uncomfortable around small children.

3 years ago

Moar Cake

Annie is just absolutely wonderful 

3 years ago


1:19 hate to be the bearer of bad news but everyone knows you're full of shit, not just babies. pretentious schmuck

4 years ago


this is hilarious. i love her.

4 years ago


Jimmy Buffett does not do the Pina Colada song.

4 years ago

Preston Jarrett

Did it ever occur to some of these people that she was fully aware of Pitchfork's reputation as a "pretentious"/"hipster" publication, and therefore deliberately portrayed that stereotype sarcastically?Anybody that's seen her interviews aside from this can tell she's obviously fucking around. 

4 years ago

Lamfp Dewd

annie are you ok

4 years ago


You play music and you dont know what song Jimmy Buffet is famous for? There should be a hipster lie detector segment on youtube just to see if these people believe themselves when they say stuff like this. 

4 years ago

Ashley V Redden

(Reading some of the comments) Apparently not everybody gets her sense of humor. They should know better than to take the things she says seriously. Lol

4 years ago

Molly Water

id hulk smash?

4 years ago

Nelson Betancourt

When you come up with an answer like that about the fucking tooth fairy, you might be lame as hell. 

4 years ago


no sense of humor with you guys...

4 years ago

Frank McClusky

Why is it pretentious for somebody who makes a living in performance to dress and act abnormal?

4 years ago


More singing, song-writing. Less talking. St. Vincent. 

4 years ago

Philip Halbig

Could she be more full of shit?

4 years ago

Bob Sloppy

I think I still like you, but Jimmy Buffet is crap except for Margaritaville, and has nothing to do with Pina Coladas. 

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