St. Vincent - Marry Me video free download

Duration: 04:42
Uploaded: 2008/07/04

Annie Clark is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter who performs under the moniker St. Vincent. She was a member of The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens' touring band.


3 years ago

Aylin Ledezma poor otp

4 years ago


hi guys can you recommend me St. Vincent song that have similar sounds/patterns like this.. it's simple but never gets old.. i didnt really like the over-produced sounds that i heard from her last album

4 years ago


Fuck, this was boring

4 years ago

samuel jackson

i'm really starting to think and believe often that this song is about annie, st.john,& jesus christ 

4 years ago

Devil Say Dance Music

I keep hearing Beatles throughout this album, mainly in the abstract backing vocals with all the glorious effects thrown over them, love it.

4 years ago


Annie my name is not John but I will if you can get over my name not being John. I know it's a push but still.

4 years ago

Andrea Ortiz

Whats so wrong about associating a song with a pairing?? Ur brain is just doing what it does. Calm down and let ppl thunk what they like when they listen to music. Chill.

5 years ago

Gamzee Makara

hola hola davejohn

5 years ago

John Schwarzkopf

i will annie oh my god i will, you've made me the happiest john ever.

5 years ago

roberto bolognesi


5 years ago


Hell, I'd legally change my name to John, just so I could!

5 years ago


okay, i will

5 years ago

Schiz Johnson

Maybe you're just cynical.

5 years ago


@xGermanTheatreChic Thank you for pointing that out! God! I'm sick to death of Sherlock/John shippers.

5 years ago

Trevor Gilmore

"We'll do what Mary and Joseph did without the kid" - best lyric ever

5 years ago

Chevie Maliboo

after watching sherlock, i'm ashamed of my comment.

5 years ago


Yes, you've caught me. I am Fox News. I am literally the concept of Fox News. No, if you're listen to the lyrics you'd see that's ACTUALLY WHAT THE SONG'S ABOUT. It's a cynical song with romantic packaging.

5 years ago

gabby east

Love this whole album

5 years ago

spooky man

This song is so for me

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