St. Vincent - KROKODIL (4AD) video free download

Duration: 02:34
Uploaded: 2012/04/24

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From St. Vincent's 2012 Record Store Day 7"

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3 years ago

Juanitita López

O _ O

3 years ago

Raina Bock

Annie Clark is better than you.

4 years ago

Genghis Khan

Finally! When I bang H I always listen to some Velvets or something, but I had been wanting for some krokodil shootin tunes.

4 years ago


Sounds similar to, 'Suicide - Ghost Rider'

4 years ago

I Volk You

Still into Annie in 2015 

4 years ago


i like the song but hope the kids that look up to her don t buy this shit!

4 years ago

Otto Rockdriguez

en este momento consumire krokodil 

4 years ago

Nina Wolf

Dylan Sprouse sent me here!!!!!!

4 years ago

Burke Boydell

dylan sprouse

4 years ago


So the rumour is that this song is a reaction to the Tegan and Sara song Alligator as those two were said to be dating for a while in 2008-2009.

4 years ago


Now THATS what I'm talkin' about! Rock n Rolla, coca cola!

4 years ago

Micah Buzan

she goes absolutely NUTS when she plays this live. it's really funny and a bit scary. 

4 years ago

Víctor Isaac Meléndez Díaz

Definite Big Black feel to this one

4 years ago


Esto solamente es un single, no viene en ningún álbum.Quiero krokodil.

5 years ago


MMMm delicious 

5 years ago

Nick W

pretty annoying song

5 years ago

Emily Carter

St. Vincent is my queen. 

5 years ago

Taylor Dunn

5months 2 late, but it was a single for free record day 1012. it was just krok and grot

5 years ago


You can get this on iTunes.

5 years ago

Brian Chval

I'm trying to think of what a scene in a movie with this music would look like, but I don't think you can get anything this intense.

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