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Duration: 03:09
Uploaded: 2013/10/16

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She said she'd never believed in the idea of fate

No love at first sight stories

I wasn't her soul mate

When she collapsed I thought she was joking

but she didn't get up again

A thousand flowers, a hundred cards to say

She's in a better place, she's in a better place

Just face it you can't let go

I can't be spoken for anymore

Just face it you're on your own

I gave up everything I know

It carries on, it never stops

How could I go on without

Just face it you can't let go

She always said I was way too safe and I never could have fun

I had to make some mistakes and get into trouble while I'm young

So we broke into the old train station

And danced away the night until the cops chased us away

It breaks my heart to think she's in a better place

One day I took off my ring to see if it would make the memory start to fade

The time I spent away I wasted all those days

She's in a better place, she's in a better place

If I could, I'd trade with you

If I could now, I would


3 years ago

Warrior Tha Witt

A Day To Remember, Silverstein, Underoath, Atreyu/The Devil Wears Prada/ABR=the best classic-core bands

3 years ago

Jacqueline Chicko

This is one of the few songs I feel like I can relate to right now. Just lost my fiance a week ago and i am so lost.

3 years ago

Mark Josef Dolor

Good song! :)

3 years ago

Kierkegaard Kim

What a beautifully written song. 

3 years ago

Blake Killed The Prom Queen

I love the breakdowns for this song.

3 years ago

Nate Dal Cais

Im glad I found this band, they sing about stuff we can all relate to

3 years ago


Plot twist: the video shows twin brothers chasing each other

3 years ago

wendy beltran

I just lost my fiance to an oxycotton overdose. I was the one who found her. This song has brought me relief from it all. Acceptance and remembering the good times. Thank you for an amazing song.

3 years ago

Copper Claw

1:59 the best part of song I've ever heard <3 <3

3 years ago


i love this band!!! lml

3 years ago

mario alberto diaz villarruel

2:42 Pure genius

3 years ago

dan danny

running from your own pedo van lol

3 years ago

ellie LOVE

si es SILVERSTEIN me gusta

3 years ago

Eunan McShane

Such a sick tune 

3 years ago

Nick Stevens

I may be behind but I judt found these guys and they are awesome!

4 years ago


The day before yesterday I went to the concert here in México City of Silverstein, I bought a silverstein shirt to my best friend, but that day my best friend died in a motorcycle accident, yesterday in the funeral I gave him the shirt, damn...I am so frustrated but almost I said him goodbye and gave him a last gift...RIP Christian.

4 years ago

Angel Sundays

Aracelie...<3 hope you can see me from heaven...

4 years ago

Chris Aslinger

You can't keep blaming yourself.

4 years ago

daniel mallon

this song is amazing 

4 years ago

janeth beltran navarro

me enamore mas de ellos ♥.♥

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