Shout Out Louds - Walking In Your Footsteps video free download

Duration: 03:45
Uploaded: 2013/02/05

From the album Optica, out now on Merge Records.


4 years ago

Javo G.M.

Walking In Your Footsteps – Shout Out Louds

4 years ago

Dayna Neidich

This whole album is wow

4 years ago

Aspen Riley

This my shit!

4 years ago

Nancy Elizabeth


5 years ago

Dakota Lustick

I actually thought this was The Cure when I first listened to it... that sounds so lame of me, but it's true. Reminds me of Haircut 100 though haha!

5 years ago

Rainy Sandwich

I feel a New Radicals vibe... LOVE IT!!

5 years ago

Wesley Dias Maciel

Shout Out Louds - Walking In Your Footsteps

5 years ago

Jakob Nordin

Tokspelar denna på tok för sent på kvällen för mitt eget bästa men jag är helt såld! :-)

5 years ago

Anthony Anderson

love this song

5 years ago

Jorge Suarez

Nice Pop sound.

5 years ago


The stalker pop song rears its ugly head again. I'm turning into Dustin Diamond.

5 years ago


Very beautiful ! :)

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