Send me an angel - Scorpions (with lyrics) video free download

Duration: 04:34
Uploaded: 2009/10/03

Hear this voice from deep inside / It's the call of your heart /

Close your eyes and you will find / The way out of the dark / ...

Here I am,... Will You send me an angel?...

... And He send you , to me, my angel.


2 years ago

Deanna Barton

sweet sexy friend sent me this so im share

2 years ago

Karlitox . Paz .

Tema intenso buenas tardes

2 years ago

Red Baron

Be An Angel to Know the Angel...BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF:)

2 years ago

Tabatha Mueller

Hello Dear Ones: I usually don't post videos of this mood.~It has been a long trying day.~someone very Dear to me has chosen to go a path that does not include me. It isn't so much what we shared as it is knowing all the wonderful moments that we will miss.~ we will always hold each other dearly in our hearts, `it just saddens me a bit & I wish an angel would come down and comfort me,just for a night,I know a new day will arrive with the rising sun. As i said to him, i also say to all of you, my Dear ones! ~NAMASTE~ PeaceOut!

2 years ago

erzsebet horvath


2 years ago

Chad Dirty

ya i love this

2 years ago

Rocky Stewart

r.I.p my love you are deeply missed..4-19-15

2 years ago

Antonia Floris

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