Scorpions - Wind of Change with lyrics video free download

Duration: 05:14
Uploaded: 2010/07/24

Scorpions - Wind of Change with lyrics

music by the Scorpions

video by derKiller666

lyrics by magistrix

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2 years ago

Lukene 13

I need wind of change!!!!! 

2 years ago

Akaki Jandieri

i in music weep bitterly T_T

2 years ago

Awesome One

For those who like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and the others called pop 'stars', people you are so stupid, this kind of songs is real music! this is where everything started and as we can see everything ends here, there is no more good music in the music industry, this is so sad but all these kind of bands like scorpions will remain legends.

2 years ago

Branka VrS

jaaaaaaaaaaaa schööööööööööööööön

2 years ago


De lo mejor que se a escuchado!!

2 years ago


was watching futurama thought id pop by

2 years ago

Sean Williams

Listen to his lyrics!

2 years ago


lyrics tooooo late!

2 years ago

Bibhas Koirala

this song is sung in our school every morning

2 years ago

Anil Pradhan

i liked this song soooooooo much :):):)

2 years ago

Joana Camzz'

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Used to listen this music in the car with my dad and sing along with him..such good times, miss that. Love this song so much !! <3 Brings me back so much memories..

2 years ago

FelixTheFake mate

i have this on a disc i recorded in 2003.

2 years ago

Im Mercy

Me too

2 years ago


Oh god, the whistling in the beginning is amazing.

2 years ago

Brandon Harris

Man this is intense it represents a moment of freedom and how the Berlin Wall fell I actually know a woman who was there and owns a piece of the wall

2 years ago

Carl Johnson

this song is epic

2 years ago

Willian Albuquerque Lirman

O vento da mudança acontecerá aqui no Brasil também de uma vez por todas...

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