Sarah Conner Feat. Natural - Just One Last Dance video free download

Duration: 04:26
Uploaded: 2008/08/13

Sarah Conner Feat. Natural - Just One Last Dance


"Just One Last Dance"

Just one last dance....oh baby...just one last dance

We meet in the night in the Spanish cafe

I look in your eyes just don't know what to say

It feels like I'm drowning in salty water

A few hours left 'til the sun's gonna rise

Tomorrow will come an it's time to realize

Our love has finished forever

How I wish to come with you (wish to come with you)

How I wish we make it through


Just one last dance

Before we say goodbye

When we sway and turn round and round and round

It's like the first time

Just one more chance

Hold me tight and keep me warm

Cause the night is getting cold

And I don't know where I belong

Just one last dance

The wine and the lights and the Spanish guitar

I'll never forget how romantic they are

But I know, tomorrow I'll lose the one I love

There's no way to come with you

It's the only way to do

[Chorus 3x (until fade)]

Just one last dance, just one more chance, just one last dance


3 years ago

Andrzej W


3 years ago

Sanjarbek Nosirov

Sarah connor

4 years ago

Aoede Montague

Best cheesy love song ever.

4 years ago


go listen to un-break my heart by Toni Braxton

5 years ago

Wan Cemunk

love this song a looot

5 years ago


those guys look gay as fuck!

5 years ago

Chris James

What a great duet... Wish there were more like this these days!!!

5 years ago


Yeah me too , once i had a dog but i dont have it anymore ... omg what the hell are you talking about :P i agree the singer and the song both are so perfect ;)

5 years ago


I remember the times when I used to live in Germany...and that song was in top,I loved this singer and this amazing I've forgotten German and want to try to recall that amazing language

5 years ago


adorei o clip e tudo mais!!!(*.*)!!!

5 years ago

Ingwar Krause

Приятные воспоминания с этой песней.

5 years ago


divorced :(

5 years ago


They are married in real, right?? :))

5 years ago

Ekaterine Mindiashvili

amazing song and video, i always love it ♥♥♥

5 years ago

Ady Florea

Nice song

5 years ago

Annie YenNguyen

I know maybe tomorrow i'll lose the one i love

5 years ago

Annie YenNguyen

i listen to this song about 10time / day. And can't remember how many time i cried. Don't know why just cry

5 years ago

Katelynn Gamir

reminds me with my x

6 years ago

Zdenka Farbarova

It is a beautiful song ,i love you sarah and enrique

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