Pia Mia & Krept & Konan x Craig David | "Fill Me In" (Acoustic Cover) - A64 [S9.EP15]: SBTV video free download

Duration: 04:28
Uploaded: 2014/10/21

Pia Mia & Krept & Konan x Craig David | "Fill Me In" (Acoustic) - A64 [S9.EP15]: SBTV

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When we heard Pia Mia would be taking a trip across the pond to London last month we knew we had to hook up with her! We introduced her to our friends Krept & Konan for a SBTV exclusive, enjoy another EPIC episode of The Amalgamation!


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2 years ago

Johnny Carey

Krept and konan get so much hate for this yet there like top of the UK rap game, pia mia is sick but still

2 years ago

Johnny Carey

This is so fucking sick I swear

2 years ago


If they put the same energy and had the same flow as their cover of " mo money problem cover" it'd be sick,

2 years ago

Sarah Porter

This song is so chilled

2 years ago


Really not keen on this at all. Think if someone covers this, then they need to copy the style in which Craig David sings this originally and then add in their own flare and break it up with verses of quality lyrics that properly reflect the song.

2 years ago

Andrew Bobb

this is what rap has come to utter crap im gonna give up my hip hop card i loved craig david and her vocals were kn point but these kids have no rhyming skillz and young kids will liste to tbis and say they banging... wtf . tey are absolute crap

2 years ago


She's just amazing !!!!!!!

2 years ago

ProBeauty Designs

This is amazing!!

2 years ago

Pari Snapback


2 years ago


Anyone know where Konan got that top from ? 

2 years ago


Well that was awkward what an awkward strange creepy looking chick, damn

2 years ago

Mariane King

This is soooooooooooo wack 

2 years ago


I'd fill her in.

2 years ago

Ben Ackroyd

Pia mia looked rate at home but krept and konan looked awkward !!!

3 years ago

Adam Fairhurst

Awkward when pia mia goes harder than krept and konan..

3 years ago

julie davidson


3 years ago

GageeJ Music

She aint into horror films, but I'm making her scream!!!

3 years ago


His parents were kind of cruel or cool?

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