Pearl Jam - Last Kiss (Bridge School '99) video free download

Duration: 05:51
Uploaded: 2010/05/18

10-31-1999 Mountain View, California

Live at the Bridge School Benefit

Touching video

*Thanks to Animal Projects*


4 years ago

Maria Garza

I love you Pearl Jam.. Whoo!

4 years ago


EDDIE VEDDER is a fukken angel, the voice, the heart..

4 years ago

Jessica Johnson

What a beautiful man.

4 years ago


Coolness and empathy knows no boundaries......good on the boys.

4 years ago


The singer looks like Penny Marshal from back in the Laverne and Shirley days.

4 years ago

george sanchez

"Hold me darling just a little while"

4 years ago

Tomek Orion

cos pieknego, Pan Bóg o was nie zaponi i bedziecie wyzej siedziec niz my. To jest pewne. Pozdrawiam

4 years ago

Stella Lobdell

One of my all time favorite songs

4 years ago

Lukas83 Snakepit

Eddie is a good man and a price him for who he is and he is just a great man and poet.Thanks Eddie.

4 years ago

Canei Pregil

Muito show!! Gostaria que todos os cantores imitavam ele, arrumar sempre uma parte do palco a estas pessoas especiais, Pq só de ouvir a música e estar lá eles ficam Alegre e felizes muito emocionante parabéns que ato humano! Sensacional 

4 years ago

April Schubert

Love that song it is a touching song

4 years ago


Pearl Jam is a bit after my time, so I'm not very familiar with them but after seeing this video, I can see that Eddie Vedder and the band are first class.

4 years ago

markus saffra

GrandiosI have tears

4 years ago


Now thats CLASSY PJ !!!

4 years ago

Steve P

Just wanted to echo what other people said... I've never been a huge Eddie Vedder fan ( like Pearl Jam, just not fanatical ) but this video was really touching. He really impressed me... it was very moving to see the young lady who he dedicated the song to having such a great time and also the other disabled people. Eddie came across as very warm... it was very nice to see! 

4 years ago


Have to love Eddie and the crews !

4 years ago

Promise Li

Wait this is just made my day

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