Olly Murs - Ask Me To Stay (With Lyrics) video free download

Duration: 03:42
Uploaded: 2010/12/09

Olly Murs - Ask Me To Stay with lyrics. From the new album 'Olly Murs' :)


5 years ago


Great artist!

5 years ago

Jack Mullen

Love this Guy!!!!! Loads of good songs!!!!

5 years ago

Tamara Hazlehurst


5 years ago


Best slow song to slow dance to with your prom date ! I even recommended the song myself. Thank God the DJ had the song ! #BethuneProm2013

5 years ago

Stefan Giurgiu

I'm a boy and I fucking love this song and his voice, he's a great songwriter! Take that bitch!

5 years ago

Michaela Estes

ask me to stay...

5 years ago

Jenn Marie

this is about olly murs

6 years ago


yeah... i kinda agree. this is olly, not one direction.

6 years ago

Shea Marie

I'm American and the first time I heard Troublemaker fell in love with it! I've been hooked ever since! I love them all!!

6 years ago

Myra Hani

fullmoonhowler448 i agree alot

6 years ago

Angeles crespo

Why is this song so fucking perfect? I just love Olly ph god

6 years ago

Charlie Wins

how can olly come up with such moving music all the time? <3 dont you just love him!!! xx

6 years ago

Emma Aune

It's unfair that do many musicians who are less talented than Olly has more fame. Still the best artist for me, with Ed Sheeran. <3

6 years ago


By far my favorite Olly Murs song!

6 years ago

Hazel Mellem

this song is just too beautiful for words :)

6 years ago

Jumanah a

why are all his songs amaziiing god.

6 years ago

callie rader

thats what she said hahaaha

6 years ago

Annabelle Calcott

thats what she said! haha

6 years ago


i loveeee OLLY<33

7 years ago

Donia Wakid

this song makes me cry everytime

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