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Duration: 03:19
Uploaded: 2013/01/11

O Fortuna

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Story behind the song:

It was impossible to turn down an invitation from one of our fans (Brad and Andrea Harker) to visit a private race track in the middle of the Nevada desert just outside of Las Vegas. We took our cameras with us and a new tune that we created just for the occasion. Thanks to a number of subscribers for the suggestion to remake this epic classical piece by Carl Orff! It was one of three possibilities we were considering when writing with the race track in mind. In the end it was no contest; especially when we read the English transition of the Latin lyrics in the piece -- which speak of fate like a "wheel" and a "driving force!" Our version of O Fortuna was so much fun to create that it was done in a matter of three days (we couldn't let ourselves do anything else until it was finished). It consists of 6 piano tracks, 43 acoustic cello tracks, 3 percussion tracks, and 48 vocal tracks.

A special thanks to Orin Harker (He owns the white car) , along with his wife Val, who hosted us, gave us all the ride of our lives, and taught us about the coolness of Radical Racing! They definitely went the "extra mile" with us in so many ways -- we are indebted to them. They even treated us to a steak dinner...good thing too, because we would have just had some cheap pizza! =)

Also thanks to our other driver, Simon Shepherd, Owner Jon Morris, and manager Dave Petrie of


Music produced by Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson

Arrangement written by Steven Sharp Nelson, Al van der Beek & Jon Schmidt

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios

Piano: Jon Schmidt

Cellos: Steven Sharp Nelson

Percussion: Al van der Beek


Shaye Scott


Paul Anderson


Alyssa Powers

Amy Talbot

Julie Nelson

Catherine Bohman

Al van der Beek

Steven Sharp Nelson

Original Composition O Fortuna from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

Piano movers/roadies: Jeremy Crawford and Frank Nelson

Words (Latin with English translation)

O Fortuna (O Fortune)

velut luna (like the moon)

statu variabilis (you are changeable)

Sors immanis (Fate - monstrous)

et inanis, (and empty)

rota tu volubilis, (you whirling wheel)

obumbrata (shadowed)

et velata (and veiled)

michi quoque niteris; (you plague me too;)

Est affectus (driven on)

et defectus (and weighted down)

semper in angaria. (always enslaved.)

egestatem, (poverty)

potestatem (and power)

dissolvit ut glaciem. (it melts them like ice.)

O Fortuna (O Fortune)

velut luna (like the moon)

statu variabilis (you are changeable)


3 years ago

normalah salih

i like it yummmy... my yummmy friend

3 years ago

Ventas Shield Security

Amazing, like always...

3 years ago

Virginia Gilbert

... I did some racing ... just for thrill ..

3 years ago

Lesslie Barahona

+jorge ordenes nadie mejor que tu para apreciar este video!!

3 years ago

Aleksander S.D.

... I did some racing ... just for thrill ..

3 years ago

Levi Pieter

When i hear this song I imagine a war scene. The ending is so haunting T_T

4 years ago

Christy Schmidt

Is there a version of this without all the car noise?

4 years ago

Alan Liefting

O Fortuna does not lend itself to piano and cello. It really does need a choir.

4 years ago

Adam Payne

Define BOSS!

4 years ago

Gustavo juliao


4 years ago


This rendition is too beautiful to be interrupted by car noises, if you ask me.

4 years ago

Tim Mason

Absolutely ruined O Fortuna.....

4 years ago

One Ofakind

Great no words......

4 years ago

Davey W


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