Nothing More - Go To War (Lyric Video) video free download

Duration: 04:12
Uploaded: 2017/06/23

Official Lyric Video for 'Go To War' off of the new upcoming album 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves'.

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11 months ago


So happy to see some new music from NM ❤

11 months ago


All of these guys songs are fucking deep and hit home, it's like they looked into my soul

11 months ago

Coco Vinter

Why do I get a personal Jesus vibe?

11 months ago

MomoSam 72

The most under rated ever!!

11 months ago


I haven't heard of these guys but shit, I want more! Nicely done!

11 months ago

Amber Smith

Amazing i love it!

11 months ago

Rachel Pautzke

This band is AMAZING! They are great live!! They need to be on everyone's playlist and more need to go and see them. :)

11 months ago

Jezek Hashimoto

Randomly recommended to me on YT. Glad I clicked.

11 months ago



11 months ago

Skorp Saiyan

Bought tickets for your show in November. Can't wait!!

11 months ago


I didn't like it at first. It has definitely grown on me.

11 months ago

Senja Kangas

Great song I like it!

11 months ago

James Southworth

Rock releases have been either very good for me this year (Rise Against, Starset, Royal Blood) or they've been releases I've really disliked (Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons). I'm glad to say it looks like Nothing More will fall into the first category; this and "Don't Stop" are both incredibly unique contributions to the modern rock scene!

12 months ago

Ashley Jones

why am i just now seeing this... it reminds me of my BPD

12 months ago

Cece Booth

not even 20 seconds on and im totally in love. im breathless

12 months ago

Vile is Evil

I've been stuck on this song for the past 2 days since I realized they released a new song, and I've gotta say it's strong, sounds great. They're not heading off course just yet. Incredible job.

12 months ago

Connie Jones


12 months ago


not my usual cup of tea per say, but this is a great song

12 months ago

Kivuli Jaxtin

This band is my boyfriend and my's thing. (We're not "_-friend and _-friend" currently, it's complicated, but that's the closest thing to what he means to me. He's my everything, but I can't just say "This band is my everything's and my thing" because that would be... Okay, yeah, you understand it) He showed it to me when we met and it's always been our thing. With them going on tour, I hope I can meet up with him and we can see them together. If they didn't go with me, it wouldn't be as special, and I'd just be thinking of him the entire time anyway. I hope I can get off of school to go with him. It would honestly mean the world to me and I don't think I could ask for anything else in the entire world. Except money, because then I could have more opportunities to see him <3 Okay, I'm rambling, I'm sorry xD

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