Nazareth - Love Leads to Madness video free download

Duration: 03:57
Uploaded: 2007/07/02

Nazareth - Love Leads to Madness, from the album 2XS (1982)

Dan McCafferty - Vocals

Manny Charlton - Guitar

Pete Agnew - Bass

Darrell Sweet - Drums

Billy Rankin - Guitar

John Locke - Keyboards


3 years ago

Muhammet Mutlu

Ağlıyorummm hayriyeee duy sesimiiii :,(

3 years ago

Галина Денисова

Доброго всем дня!!!

3 years ago

Baron Von Speed

Baron's Doubleshot Tune of the NightCheers

3 years ago

Wellington Faria

musica boa para meus ouvidos

3 years ago

Edward Harris

Nazareth has got to be my second favorite band. Deep Purple has got to be the best.

3 years ago

Mike D'Amelio

Great song, reminds me of being up all night with my then girlfriend. Imagine if this song was done by Elton John, would have been a top ten hit. Nazareth was a great under rated band.

3 years ago

Елена Захарова

Позитивная песня!

3 years ago

alyssa luna

one of the best vocalist ever 

3 years ago

Rudy Rosa

i remember my high school days..i luv this group NAZARETH.....

3 years ago

nate smith

One my all time Faves! \m/ \m/

3 years ago

Heinz Hartl

Mix – Nazareth - Sunshine: Nazareth - Love Leads to Madness

3 years ago

joseph roger

Nazareth - Love Leads to Madness

3 years ago

Matt Baumgarten

thanks so much for posting, nazareth is one of my favorite bands, this song is my alltime faves and video, wow i remember watching this on nightflights way back when, 

3 years ago

francisco desousa

great song. i love it.

3 years ago

wade sprynczynatyk

aint that the ame model from John Waite's "Change" video?

3 years ago

corjoy lal

just awesome!!! love it!

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