Miley Cyrus + David Archuleta - I Wanna Know You video free download

Duration: 02:44
Uploaded: 2009/06/03

Lyrics to the song 'I Wanna Know You' by Miley Cyrus + David Archuleta,

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3 years ago

Jatavious Richmond

love the song just my birthday is on valentines day so i feel offended

3 years ago

varleen sasan

I miss Miley Stuart

3 years ago


still loving this song in 2015

3 years ago

Elizabeth Lorenzo

Listening to this on speed 2. I've never laughed so hard in my life!

3 years ago

Lisbeth Marte

<3 <3 <3 Mi infancia <3

3 years ago

Anusha Kayastha

Listening to this now. :) 

3 years ago

Bagas Fairusyah

It's like 6 or 7 years ago, right?

3 years ago

Assassin's B

2015!!!!! Still dope as shit

3 years ago


i dedicate this to my secret crush for five years. XD

3 years ago

Andrea Soto

Listening to this in 2015

3 years ago

Breadian Nicky

I'm still love this song and I like David's voice so much 

3 years ago

Halley Martz

I miss you...

3 years ago


I love this song so much. I cried. I don't know why people are hating on Miley if this was an old song but it's still amazing

3 years ago

Oreos Sevani

That's kinda harsh ain't it

3 years ago

khaled H

Beautiful song ! It was before miley turn into a whore

3 years ago

Arya Stark

Everyone changes with age. I loved her in the past, I love her now and I will always love her. #ProudSmiler ♥ 

3 years ago

Lynn Viera

I love this song

3 years ago


I'm listening to this in 2014...NOT ASHAMED. :D

3 years ago

Oreo Lelly

love this song they sing great 2gether i just love this song <3

4 years ago

Stephen Carr


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