Mick Jagger inducts The Beatles - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions 1988 video free download

Duration: 04:02
Uploaded: 2010/01/29

Mick Jagger inducts The Beatles into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the 1988 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.


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3 years ago

Lourdes Rodriguez

I don't understand why you can't love both bands.

3 years ago

David Harrison Levi

Mick Jagger inducts The Beatles into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1988 peace and love David Harrison Levi

3 years ago

Midnight Ryder

Mick Jagger and the stones, longest lasting band since the 60's. Saw the Midnight Rambler concert, and have to say at Mick's age he did a more than great job performing. Even people who don't listen to the stones much, you need to see the video of that concert to believe it.

3 years ago

תומר שאשא

Both great bands omfg stop bullshitingI really like those classic rock&rollers becouse when I hear them speak or saw them, they never give me the feeling like if they were thinking they are better than anyone/ like if they are trying to get attention/ like if they are trying to be a "celebrity". They are just pepole like everyone else who likes music, and sometimes wanted to share their feeling/share a massege/ a story, and by the way they made great music touched the hearts of billions of humans in our world. Thats really amazing. when I see nowday famous musicans (not to talk about other kinds of "celebs" like kardeshians and etc) they just make me so sick.. so diffrent. they are just phatethic.

3 years ago

Benjamin Arambula Andrade

Cool my frend

3 years ago

Elena Rogers

Great job Mick. Congrats Beatles. 

3 years ago


Mick Jagger is friggin funny!

3 years ago

Crista Cat

heehee I liked this

3 years ago


Never was a fan of the Stones.

3 years ago

Roberto Benson

1. THE BEATLES (1 billion + albums sold! )2. THE ROLLING STONES (210+ million! )3. LED ZEPPELIN (300+ million! )4. PINK FLOYD (250+ million! )5. QUEEN (300+ million! )

3 years ago

Hiroshi Murai

*Mick* *Jagger* inducts *The* *Beatles* into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

3 years ago

Brian Grant

its amazing the beatles got anywhere...they had no talent and were very lucky they had epstein and martin.... jagger is a queer! forget about it!

3 years ago


The Beatles and The Stones were actually great friends...it was their managers and record companies that started "crap" between them to jag up record sales.

3 years ago

lindsey lefrois

When Decca Records realized what a huge mistake it had made in not signing the Beatles, it became much easier for the Stones to get signed (by Decca, of course), though they had no original songs ready to record and, of course, fell back on songs by Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley. Mick mentions the song written for the Stones by the Lennon/McCartney ("I Wanna Be Your Man"). Lennon is supposed to have said, "Well, we weren't going to give them anything good." But could the Stones have handled any of the "good" Lennon/McCartney rockers? The Stones never could have done a decent job of "I Saw Her Standing There" or "You Can't Do That". It's ridiculous to think they could have.

3 years ago

Lola Koenig

Zgoda buduje .. DZięki ;)) pozdrawiam

3 years ago


Class act Mick! Nicely presented induction!

3 years ago

Angela Cliborne

Beatles the best forever I can be in a real funk put on Beatles and feel great the rest of the day they made me so happy try guys for a great trip

3 years ago

Richard Bowman

Great speech...induction...Mick. Looks good on you....

3 years ago

Whiskey River

Mick was absolutely the ONLY one that could have been the person to do the honors; and he did it quite well. Although I personally think the R&RHoF is bullshit, Fuck Paul for not being there!

3 years ago


I'm sorry but watching The Stones strut about on stage today playing the whole Sex-Drugs & Rock & Roll card is comparable to watching Schwarzenegger in a 2015 remake of Terminator. The Hot Rocks era was by far the Golden age which was with Brian 62-69 and Mick Taylor 69-75 other than "Some Girls" in 78 it's all been downhill..

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