Metallica - Nothing Else Matters [Original Video] video free download

Duration: 06:34
Uploaded: 2007/07/09

This is the original videoclip


2 years ago

Darren Farley

Really poor quality and its NOT the original video. Remove this crap - all it does is p*ss people off.

2 years ago

Ярослав Юричко

я лублю

2 years ago

Nikos I like!!!

Τελειο τραγουδι!!!!!

3 years ago

Genaro Tula

Es la version de S&M...

3 years ago

Marco Korny

Also... hint: It's not the "Original video" ... it's the S&M version... ;)

3 years ago

marisa monzón

Este es mi preferido de estos grosos siiiiiiiiiiiiiii...Nothing Else Matters

3 years ago

Winnie Herloev alias Hope

Remember This Hon s ;)

3 years ago


still going strong even though the video quality is fading.

3 years ago

vtfa midimi

video quality is distorted because I press the replayed button too many times.

3 years ago

Josephinachristina wernke

METALLICA - Nothing Else Matters ( Original Video )

3 years ago

Anna Bogacka

Kocham to!!!!!!!jest przepiękne!!!!!!! wersja z orkiestrą powala:DDD

3 years ago

fabricio Egaña

Heeeeaaaaa!!! aguante METALLICA

3 years ago

Svetlana Vostok

what is the source of this video? the audio is not from the same source as the video. live video studio audio with crowd stock

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