Metallica - No Leaf Clover [Official Music Video] video free download

Duration: 05:36
Uploaded: 2009/10/27

No Leaf Clover [Official Music Video]

From the album "S&M"

Director: Wayne Isham

Filmed in April 1999 in Berkeley, CA

Video Premiere Date: November 8, 1999

© 1999 Metallica


3 years ago


I'll never forget when I first saw this in high school. This was the first album I ever bought. Still one of the greatest I've ever heard.

3 years ago

P Law

sell out pussies!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

renee whish

I miss my young years :(

3 years ago

Dave J

Roll that shit.

3 years ago

Packer backer

expected none less from the brilliant scores composed by Michael Camen for this song. he will be missed

3 years ago

Iman Itani

The glorious age of music the 90s

3 years ago

jay hall

when i tried to actively do something about this they locked me up in a ward for a month, forced injections

3 years ago

cCc/MilkDealer/cCC 51

Childhood memories...good days

3 years ago

wraths trap

This song is just a pure proof that James is pure talent and he is a man of Music.

3 years ago

Becky White

And there they go again, creating new modes of music that span distances and genre's. AMAZING!

3 years ago

Pedro C.

Wow... Do it again, please...

3 years ago

dilferah tuncer

metallica intech güvenlik kamera sistemleri

3 years ago

Kevin W

Metallica was so much better with Newstead. 

3 years ago

Marie May


3 years ago

Paul Bradley

"No Leaf Clover" along with "Minus Human") was one of two new pieces completed for the band's collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony in 1999.

3 years ago

leonardo dionisio

A magnificently perfect song ...Ultrapassará os séculos. 

3 years ago

Joanne Ox

Check out this video on YouTube:

3 years ago


I just heard this song on my local radio station and I am amazed by this song and video

3 years ago

Ghenadie Ciobanu

Place tare..... ;)

3 years ago

Wioletta Kosyczyn

I love song , mein Lieber der Gruppe ,, Metallica ''

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