Metallica - Mama Said [Official Music Video] video free download

Duration: 04:55
Uploaded: 2012/03/19

Mama Said [Official Music Video]

From the album "Load"

Director: Anton Corbijn

Filmed in November 1996 in London, England

Video Never Aired in the US

© 1996 Metallica


3 years ago

Dhimitri Meta

anton corbijn is a great person his observation on many artists is a work of art.

3 years ago

Elena Loche


3 years ago


4:14 - Best part.

3 years ago

NicolasSarpado Rodriguez

Con este tema conoci a Metallica ...Simplemente Imponente !!!

3 years ago

Gwen Ferraris

Che bella canzone! ...Va bene..sono di parte, come mamma( Lavoro difficile ma molto gratificante)...haha!La mamma di James, sarà orgogliosa da Lassù, ne sono sicura. Grande voce!! 

3 years ago

Слава Пастухов

super song

3 years ago


Mama me enseño muy bien me dijo cuando era joven. Tu vida es un libro abierto. No lo cierres hasta que lo termines. llama mas ardiente es la que se apaga rápido.

3 years ago

Jan Doskočil


3 years ago


Never knew Johnny Cashed played for Metallica

3 years ago

Brian Beard

Looking back, they should have shot this in Nashville. What is really scary is, this song is better country than anything on country radio today!

3 years ago


I dont understand how people can dislike this song. Sometimes i think there are some morons who are just waiting for some Videos of Metallica to dislike it directly after the upload...

3 years ago

Chandler Taylor

I can't appreciate this song... Sorry the fact that this is coming out of Metallica.... It's just.... To bad for me...

3 years ago

Hage Matt

A Sensitive Hetfield hahaAs offbeat as some of the arrangements and performances were for Metallica, the songs on Load are solid and well-composed. In all likelihood, those who bashed on Load misjudged it because it wasn’t what they expected, but nearly two decades after its release the album holds up to repeat listens.

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