Mark O'Connor, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs and Steve Wariner - "Restless" Music Video video free download

Duration: 03:46
Uploaded: 2010/01/26 *

Mark O'Connor's Grammy winning New Nashville Cats featured some of Nashville's finest musicians in 1991.

"Best Album: For sheer velocity and beauty, listen to Mark O'Connor's The New Nashville Cats, which joins his incredible fiddle with 53 of Music City's finest players."

- David Zimmerman, USA Today

"The words 'dazzling' and 'awesome' immediately come to mind.. but they may not be enough."

-CMJ New Music Report

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4 years ago

Dave Wollenberg

Mark and the 3 fine pickers hit #25 in Billboard, 5-25-91. Thanx, Mark, for postin' it. Have a blessed week!

5 years ago

Андрей Горбатов


5 years ago

Андрей Горбатов

Наркотик Горбатова!!!

5 years ago

Jimmythe Peach

Mark O'Connor, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs and Steve Wariner - "Restless" Music Video

5 years ago

Kris Yohanes

amazing violin

5 years ago

Wyatt Collins

good song

5 years ago


All these guys are great musicians. Well done guys. Have to say I am very partial to VINCE Gill. That was then this is now. Been following VINCE Gill since 1991. 

5 years ago

Linda Lewis

Two of my favorites - Mark O'Connor and Steve Wariner.

5 years ago

Mark O'Connor

Arriving in Nashville - now. Restless! Got to get in town!The very week this video hit the airwaves, I felt a new beautiful star in the sky for me!

5 years ago


Par excellence .. 'nuf said.

5 years ago

Rick Sanchez

What a great bass player...who is that guy?

5 years ago

Val Wood

Soooo good!

5 years ago

Dean Kisling

cause I'm... restlessgot to get on out of town

5 years ago

Dolphinoceanborn Storm

Suck a dick Lindsay Stirling. This is really violin player. ( It´s sad but true) kkkkkkkkkkkkk

6 years ago

Prussian Eagle


6 years ago

Jack Meoff

"Winners Circle" Holbrook Arizona.

6 years ago

Robert Drewett

Superlative, phenomenal...killer chops fo sho!

6 years ago

Ed jim

thats not bluegrass !

6 years ago


Love Love LOVE it!!!!

6 years ago

Michael Hill

No, they probably listen to (c)rap.

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