Mariah Carey - I Stay In Love video free download

Duration: 03:49
Uploaded: 2009/12/14

Music video by Mariah Carey performing I Stay In Love. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,387,065. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group and Mariah Carey


4 years ago


this album was so under-rated but its amazing, i stay in love, for the record, love story, my fav is Thanx 4 nothin, cruise control, migrate, 4real4real

4 years ago

Gena E

She is the MOST irreplaceable artist... ever. <3 <3

4 years ago

mosde emosdnah

"I Stay In Love"Oh babyBaby, I stay in love with youDying inside 'cause I can't stand itMake or break upCan't take this madnessWe don't even really know whyAll I know is babyI try and try so hardTo keep our love aliveIf you don't know me at this pointThen I highly doubt you ever willI really need you to give meThat unconditional love I used to feelIt's a mistake if we just erase itFrom our hearts and minds and I know[Chorus:]We said let goBut I kept on hanging onInside I know it's overYou're really goneIt's killing me'cause there ain't nothingThat I can doBaby, I stay in love with youAnd I keep on telling myselfThat you'll come back aroundAnd I try to front like "Oh well"Each time you let me downSee I can't get over you nowNo matter what I doBut baby, babyI stay in love with youNa na na na na na na na naNa na na na na na na na naNa na na na na na na na naBaby, I stay in love with youIt cuts so deepIt hurts down to my soulMy friends tell meI ain't the same no moreWe still need each otherWhen we stumble and fallHow we gonna actLike what we hadAin't nothin' at all nowHey, what I wanna do isRide shotgun next to youWith the top down like we used toHit the blockProud in the SUVWe both know our heart is breakingCan we learn from our mistakesI can't last one moment aloneNow go I know[Chorus x2]I stay in loveLoveOh, I stay in love.

4 years ago

Derique Cabatingan

#throwbackthursday My jam way back in 2008 Makamingaw kung mu listen ko ani nga song. I dont want to go in a tangent about it though. "All I know is baby I tried and tried so hard to keep our love alive"

4 years ago

Jay Mikko Inciong

I will always be one of your number one funs Ms. Mariah Carey :3.#IStayInLove

4 years ago

Jennifer Clark

I love this song

4 years ago

Raymond Dominguez

She shares her heart fearlessly, with the end to new approach that's always been there. She stays in love and not one person can take that away from her...from the piano to the vocals..graceful and amazing. A lucky man he who REALLY LOVES her..

4 years ago

Jerard Eusebio

Imagine what this video would've looked like if Brett Ratner directed it instead of Nick Cannon!

4 years ago

Damien Little

all these years and still have number one hits

4 years ago

Imma Smiler

Memories coming back faster than eminem rapping

4 years ago

Michelle Jackson

She is the epitome of a girly-girl.

4 years ago


She was 38 at that time!!!!

4 years ago

Roger Smith Tokomato

I will remain a lambily till world end...

4 years ago


I remember in 2009 I seen her perfume commercial and this song was playing I said "Mariah Carey has ANOTHER NUMBER 1??????!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS SO GOOD!" But then years later I saw that this song wasnt even in the Top 40! I WAS PISSED OFF!!! This song so UNDERRATED! NO REASON for this song to chart so low!

4 years ago

Melissa Tercero

Nick stupid for Letting her go jousting saying!!!!

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