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Duration: 04:16
Uploaded: 2009/11/24

"I Don't Wanna Cry," Mariah Carey's fourth #1 hit, was the fourth single on Mariah Carey's debut self-titled album, released in 1990.

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The release of #1 to Infinity, timed to Mariah's upcoming #1's residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, will feature, for the first time in one package, all 18 chart-toppers from her years on Columbia and Island/Def Jam Records, as well as a newly-recorded song. The album will feature Mariah's best, including upbeat dance tracks ("Emotions," "Fantasy") to soaring ballads ("I'll Be There," "Hero") and her unprecedented back-to-back Billboard's Song of the Decade ("One Sweet Day," "We Belong Together").

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I don't want to cry

Don't want to cry

Nothing in the world

Could take us back

To where we used to be

Though I've given you my heart and soul (Given you my heart and soul)

I must find a way of letting go

'Cause baby, I don't want to cry


4 years ago

Jayvee Hernandez

#1 Billboard Hot 100

4 years ago

Peter Balog

beautiful song i like

4 years ago

aspen mansfield

Kinda looks like shakira 

4 years ago


The story of my ex husband and I; except I didn't give him my soul.

4 years ago

sleepy dank

Nothing in the world could take us back to where we use to be

4 years ago

ronald antoine


4 years ago


She doesn't want to cry.

4 years ago


This whole album was it!

4 years ago

alexandra greubel

Lord, please take me away. For all the hurt. Please. Please. I'm sick of jealousy. I'm tired of loving people here. I don't. I'm an Angel. Not a human. And the humans mock me, starve my Soul. To feed their parasitic, karma driven lives. I'm not happy here when I hate what my parents did to me. I hate what happened to me when "he" went away. I was born to love someone real. Not live in fear and pain because men hate women and women hate men. That's a sick mentality. When will you stop making fragile people hurt? When? I won't be happy until God can love me. Not the people living with Islamic ties and they don't care what happens to the youth. They barely care about themselves. Ahem. Sorry. I don't deserve what I want, but if you let me have Faith then I promise to follow orders to get what will make me most happy. And to be honest, it doesn't bother me one bit whether I'm not familiar with anyone. I'm sorry, but I don't want to be with any other energy but yours (surely you must know who you are). You made me the Most happy. And that's what I have Faith for. I will not stop until you are mine. Period. 

4 years ago

Michele Martin

there will never be another!

4 years ago

Mr x


4 years ago

darryl freeman

Judah" Queen"

4 years ago

Tap Strider

Looking at her in this video keeps reminding me of Teena Marie.... Damnit Nick Cannon, you lost a beautiful woman..

4 years ago

Nigel Morris

Good song

4 years ago

fernnando castro

que poder para cantar de mi mujer

4 years ago

Rafa Medina

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get tired of listening to her tracks. Probably not lol

4 years ago

blah blahblah

Damn Tommy Matolla had his foot on hey neck back in the day but she made some timeless records

4 years ago


This is the directors cut version right??

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