Mariah Carey - I Don't ft. YG video free download

Duration: 04:17
Uploaded: 2017/02/03

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Director: Mariah Carey

Producer: Adam Paul

Co-Executive Producers: Mariah Carey and Stella Bulochnikov

(c) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


1 year ago


Mariah looks so sad in this video :( Like she's been crying a lot.

1 year ago

Cranberry Joyfull

she's so beautiful

1 year ago


if you cant dance..jus wear less and pose

1 year ago

Tyler- FergusonVEVO

Mariah Carey is best diva yet and technically like the one who like ever lasted for three decades

1 year ago

Jon Copa

I love how at 47, Mariah is still her own video hoochie! This is not a criticism. I REALLY LOVE that about her! She looks incredible and good for her! Her clothing is wild and she is killing it! Does she need to do it? NO! But that's her business and she can if she wants to! Can't wait to see her at 60 and still being that sex kitten!!!!! LOVE ME SOME MARIAH!

1 year ago

Jada Williams

This is the first time she's turned me on... so kudos ...

1 year ago

Half Asian Productions

did she have surgery or something because how can someone look like this at almost 50

1 year ago

Charles Humphreys

why so many dislikes? this song is pretty good tho

1 year ago


I really don't like her, but I think this song is great. I love it!

1 year ago

Jacobi Coleman

I can't take yg seriously

1 year ago

Husnain Nawaz

She looked better before all the surgeries.

1 year ago

Divas do Pop


1 year ago

Dionne Vargas

Love this song..

1 year ago

Elmer Carabeo Jr.

wow 19 mill hoping for 20mil views lets get it lambily

1 year ago

maria clara


1 year ago

Kay Ayy

I like the song but the video is wack, bad editing, bad everything

1 year ago

XxArianator 14xX

This song became number one in music videos!!

1 year ago

Miles Frank

Bumping shit! She is amazing!! I hope she makes more music! <3

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