Mariah Carey - Get Your Number ft. Jermaine Dupri video free download

Duration: 03:16
Uploaded: 2012/02/28

Music video by Mariah Carey performing Get Your Number. (C) 2005 The Island Def Jam Music Group and Mariah Carey


4 years ago

Candy Bling

TEOM era definitely has the best videos 

4 years ago


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4 years ago

Devine MR

michael ealy ❤️

4 years ago

Valentina Cerrato

You Number ft. Jermaine Dupri !!!

4 years ago

Jessica França


4 years ago

vandana sharma

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4 years ago

Mico Carsula

Mariah's voice here is very powerful AF like her voice in 1999 (heartbreaker).. and she's beautiful here too hihi

4 years ago

Thaís Maria

Nowadays: Can I get your whatsapp, baby?

4 years ago

Stephanie Rose

Micheal ealy!!!!!!!

4 years ago

Hermann Ritter

In Argentina a mainstream TV news channel used to play this video during the intervals. They never did that but just with Mariah. They must have been stunned like everybody else, woman, child, boy and man, haha.

4 years ago

Dania Breezy

Omg that's Michael early from think like a man 

4 years ago

Sandra Montaño

Me encanta la musica de sta linda chica

4 years ago


I love Mariah, however I don't know why she did a music video for this song, within the same album I think she should have did a video for the song, "So Lonely (Feat. Twista)."

4 years ago

Nfab Joy

Michael Ealy??!!

4 years ago

Leticia K

Am I the only one who realised Michael Ealy was in this video? Lol

4 years ago

Yvan Kaos

I thought this was sung by Nelly...WTF?! I could have died believing it!

4 years ago

Elijah jones

Thus video was the sexiest side of her

4 years ago

Carmen CZ

i love her music and voice!!! Mariah the best! point!!!!! ohoh take out!!! ohoho

4 years ago

Dan O'Connor

I remember this is when I FELL IN LOVEEE with her. It's funny because I was unaware of how ridiculously good she was at singing- I just thought she was THE hottest woman I had ever seen. When she was on the couch in pink, ohhhh my god. I was only 12 when this video came out 

4 years ago


mariahskin and voice:( perfect

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