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Duration: 04:10
Uploaded: 2009/11/24

"Emotions," Mariah Carey's fifth #1 hit, was the first single on her second album Emotions, released in 1991.

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The release of #1 to Infinity, timed to Mariah's #1's residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, features, for the first time in one package, all 18 chart-toppers from her years on Columbia and Island/Def Jam Records, as well as a newly-recorded song. The album features Mariah's best, including upbeat dance tracks ("Emotions," "Fantasy") to soaring ballads ("I'll Be There," "Hero") and her unprecedented back-to-back Billboard's Song of the Decade ("One Sweet Day," "We Belong Together").

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You've got me feeling emotions

Deeper than I've ever dreamed of

You've got me feeling emotions

Higher than the heavens above


4 years ago

Chloe Brenaman

Omg people stop comparing Ariana Grande to Mariah. They are two different people. Stop making such a fuss over nothing. And stop saying rude things about each of them. Keep your rude comments to yourself. Nuff said.

4 years ago


All these comments about Ariana Grande.Hons, Ariana Grande screams. She doesn't sing. Plus her voice is a chipmunk. She should go into voice acting, to be honest.

4 years ago

João Vitor Kroth

Caramba não é a toa que colocara a Ariana Grande como mini Mariah Carey eu ouvi a da Mariah e da Ariana cópia perfeita a Ariana

4 years ago

Alexander Miller

Love this songg

4 years ago

Dinah Jane

All the people who are saying Mariah is wayyyyyyyy better. Ariana knows that and you guys are just making it worst 

4 years ago

Blessing Eduard

Vine brought me here XD

4 years ago


Back to the 90s

4 years ago

Nicole Schweitzer

My little brother just heard this song for the first time and told me that Mariah Carey should be arrested for going so high and who sings like that

4 years ago

Hayden Pritchett

Ariana sang it better

4 years ago

jacqualine may chan

Dear children, you mom & dad made you with this song sung by MARIAH CAREY in the background. They were in full swing when she hits that whistle note. So shove ur asses elsewhere if u ever wana talk shit about Mariah. The comment section here is totally infested by someone else's name. God! 

4 years ago

Apelu To'omalatai

No one can do the whistle notes better than Mariah

4 years ago

Kelani malone

To the people who want to compare Mariah and Ariana it shouldn't matter who is better because they both are good singers. I think people who just Mariah because of Ariana or vise versa is just really sad because you spend your time writing hate on people who don't know you or give a damn about you or what you say so please stop with the childish crap.

4 years ago

Sonia Goss

Oh come on guys stop comparing Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey!!!! U should be comparing Mariah and Whitney!!! 

4 years ago

Faith Whitt

Artists may sound alike, but they're never as good as or better than another artist. All artists have their own musical style(s). 

4 years ago

Josh Shoulders

My favorite female singer of all-time and arguably she is the best of all-time.Ms. Mariah Carey baby

4 years ago


I love both Ariana and Mariah but TBH

4 years ago


2:46 for the high note.

4 years ago

Gisele Dominichi

Ariana's albums sales: "Yours Truly" - 489,000 "My Everything" - 633,000"Christmas Kisses" 10 copies.Mariah's first album - 15 million."Emotions"( second album) - 9 million"Merry Christmas" - 20 million. - "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has sold 16 million so far. Released in 1994, the single returns to # 1 each year.

4 years ago

Terrin Mvnac

I DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE CAUSe that really high note she hit Ariana hit it the exact same

4 years ago


EVERYBODY, STFU! I don't care who is copying who. Ariana and Mariah are DIFFERENT PEOPLE, with DIFFERENT STYLES, and DIFFERENT MUSIC.

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