Ludacris - Call Ya Bluff (Explicit) video free download

Duration: 03:14
Uploaded: 2015/03/25





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3 years ago

Blue Abyss

LUDA'S BACK! damnn he got buff tho

3 years ago

free mason

luda's lyrics are fire.

3 years ago


Luda On Tha Bluff

3 years ago

aldane clarke

love this shiit

3 years ago


god damnn

3 years ago

Dee Jay Snoopy

Ludaveral is fire

3 years ago

earl clark

He talkin but drake

3 years ago

John Paul Kariithi

luda trying to get a Jeezy but no...J.e.e.z.y still realer!

3 years ago

Tumz mad

This song A grade!! and that Young S/O to Run was cool!

3 years ago

Sean Eskes

So ludacris is broke?

3 years ago

Neo Garcia

He forgot to scream luda

3 years ago

Eagles Dukefan

dissed the shit outta drake

3 years ago

Lindy Serry

"Cover girl make up shoulda signed ya" hahahahahhaha

3 years ago

Asian Player

Who came here because he was on fast and furious

3 years ago

Jc Ray

Damn Luda goes in on this straight up no mercy good video and even better lyrics

3 years ago

Dylan Lewis

Rapper by day, computer hacker and street racer by night 

3 years ago


Bout time luda has came back with that sound I miss. One of the first rappers I started listing to growing up

3 years ago

Steve Reese, II

Perfect workout song 

3 years ago

mark simon

luda aint lost a step this is some hard shit fire!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Andres Chavez

Beast homie....

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