Loretta Lynn - The Old Rugged Cross video free download

Duration: 02:49
Uploaded: 2009/04/27

Loretta performs "The Old Rugged Cross". Loretta, the coal miner's daughter, is famously from "Butcher Holler", a section of Van Lear, a mining community near Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky.

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3 years ago


Never be afraid to share or sing songs like this!

3 years ago


I saw her sing in 2013. She's a treasure that won't be around for much longer. :-(

3 years ago

Alihallal Sophia

Check out this playlist on YouTube:

4 years ago


One of my all time favorites indeed, Sung by one of the best.Thank you to all who made this available.

4 years ago

Adam K

Loretta Lynn - The Old Rugged Cross

4 years ago


Did you even read Joe's comment? BTW, do you agree with Joe? Yes, what I said was rude, but I spoke only in response to Joe's rudeness. What I said was perfectly true, in my opinion.

4 years ago

Adolf Pin

wonderful song ....just for our wonderful Lord Jesus

5 years ago

Kyle Morrison

Coal Miner's Daughter was the movie starring Sissy Spacek

5 years ago

Emily Kranenburg

I luv her voice, & the movie they made of her....I forgot the movie, but I beleive the song was Sweet Dreams...

5 years ago

Lynda Ryan

I truly love gospel songs <3

5 years ago


i love this song it my gramother fav rip grany june 14 2010

5 years ago

Rita Perry-LaChance

This was one of my mothers favorite songs. She used to sing this to me on road trips

5 years ago

grace Martinez

love to her always and forever ..thanks god for the queen of country..Lorreta Lynn

5 years ago


Great version Loretta.....

5 years ago

Bridgette Parks

Which house? She had the original one torn down (the one in Butcher Hollar) and replaced with an less "shacky shack". I was also born and raised there. She played with my grandma as children, there were cousins.

5 years ago

Giovanni Maria Tommaso

How fortunate are the believers, how pitiful the jealous seekers as they cringe knowing they can never have that which is freely given from above though they try to steal heaven by thunder & feigned love!

5 years ago

Penny Gathercole

Lordy Lordy I was raised as a child in my church with this true and most wonderful song, today I am still in a relationship with Jesus Christ our Precious Savior and Holy Father.

5 years ago

Kåre Bjørnevik

A wey nice song. Ewen here in Norway we sing this song. Thank,s

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