Loretta Lynn - Get What 'cha Got And Go video free download

Duration: 02:11
Uploaded: 2009/01/05

Performance by Loretta Lynn. Loretta, the coal miner's daughter, is famously from "Butcher Holler", a section of Van Lear, a mining community near Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky.

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3 years ago

Dave Cioffi

I think that no female woman singer will ever be able to top her now a days, great to look at and even a better singer.

4 years ago


Don't Come a Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind) is the album it is on.

5 years ago

richer enouff

This show is how I first heard of the great Loretta Lynn. I was very young but remember it like it was yesterday. She has the prestigious of being the first on many lists. For example, she was one of the first females to headline shows and female artist to have a gold record and be named entertainer of the year.

5 years ago

Kirk Bolam

Does Loretta ever not smile? She's certainly got the most amazing smile in the world!

6 years ago


The refrain sound a bit like the song both Loretta and Her sister Peggy sue Webb recorded with the name "Love what ya got at home" or that's what loretta's version is called on youtube. Peggy sue's is called "Love whatcha got at home" but anyway they sound a bit like each other, so you should listen to "Love what ya got at home" ! :) //Jonathan

7 years ago


That is by far, the prettiest smile I have ever seen! What a sweet, beautiful lady! :)

7 years ago


I love that the drummer is mouthing the words along with her around 1:10. Which one of her albums is this on?

8 years ago


this is a great song.

8 years ago

Steve Hinders

simply stunning

8 years ago


She is little, I think. Probably about 5'2"

8 years ago


How tall is Loretta? :)

9 years ago

Laurie Salmen

Great Loretta Song....she always tells it like it is....ty for sharing

9 years ago

Bob Robinson

Great song written by my friend, Leona Williams. Leona started as bass player and backup singer for Loretta. She and her husband, Ron, wrote this song for Loretta. Thanks for posting it!! Loretta's great no matter what song she sings!

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