LION BABE - Wonder Woman (Official Audio) video free download

Duration: 03:20
Uploaded: 2015/03/18

The new single ‘Wonder Woman’ produced by Pharrell Williams out May 4th, preorder now

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3 years ago

Michael Gray

Good song, energizing song.

3 years ago


Makin me feel strong and sexy i like it

3 years ago

KaiSoo Sehan

She amazing and beautiful just like Vanessa!!!!

3 years ago

Aya Lewis

Is this out? Like a complete album?? I really need to be playing all of this in the car during my commute. 

3 years ago

Dawn Bice

Awesome song I like your style .and like the story in this song it says alote and I love you're voice

3 years ago


I am pretty sure you can do no wrong... dope.

3 years ago

Siren Art and Music

I've been searching for a real tune man and I've found like five on your page <3

3 years ago

Philip Bailey

+Lion Babe you are a fabulous laday 

3 years ago

Cesar Peña

That sounds great

3 years ago

Mechelle B

+Lion Babe This new single is IT right here! Yesss! Where's my wonder women?! Current #anthem 

3 years ago

Alysha Smith

i think i like it

3 years ago

Richard Roy

That flow thoo

3 years ago

Krzysztof Smakosz

When I listen to this I star singing this awesome song and suddenly I had to stop...I'm a men... F*ck

3 years ago

dee x

your voice is amazing

3 years ago

karley stinnett

Anyone here because buzzfeed said this was your weekend song??

3 years ago


New age badu

3 years ago

Monica Isabel

the title reminded me of trey songz but this is crazy dope

3 years ago

RedRiddin Hood

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And they're like It's better than yours,Damn right it's better than yours... oh no wrong song, but I know you feel it listening to this. If I could tell ya one are never burned or broken as you think you may be. All great heroines are scared, there just the unfortunate tokens of our strength and beauty. Cholla Chargered♡ 

3 years ago

Ryan L

this is HOT!!

3 years ago


another banger!

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