Krypteria - Too Late, Game Over & Goodbye video free download

Duration: 04:10
Uploaded: 2010/02/15


4 years ago

Kíli Disson

Why is Kuschnerus never listet as the vocalist? I love his voice! He should sing more!

5 years ago


i will love Krypteria till i die !

6 years ago

Michaela Klauß

Coole Band mit coolen Sons

6 years ago

Andrew Balaz

Ji-In isn't bad looking at all, but really the music is solid. I'm impressed more with how they sound as opposed to the fact that they have a hot Asian frontwoman.

6 years ago

Berto Degol

Brava Lenia, ottimi Krypteria !!!

6 years ago

Amy Terrys

I just love' this song !

6 years ago

Fist Fury

ooooooo weeeeeeeeeoooooooooo

6 years ago

Farang Wang

when did lisa ling join a metal band?

6 years ago

Orange Kayak

me love you long time

6 years ago


She is gorgeous ! :)

7 years ago

Adam Morphew

wow so many immature boner wielding morons, great band

7 years ago

Victoria Robin

So many will perish in the pit and it will be late when we are there time to do the right thing now as we are alive, living, breathing the air that our Almighty has given us.

7 years ago

Anibal Monomaco

Sexy singer, horrible voice.

7 years ago

Ellena Mackay

ugh, that J2O ad really disturbed me :/ but other than that :D brilliant music

7 years ago

Piotr L.

nice melody but is another slut who sing of love

7 years ago


@xXrainmakerXx25 German-Korean

8 years ago

Ken Biaco

Is she an asian?

8 years ago

Ozzie Rodriguez

she looks amazing just as good as her songs

8 years ago

mandy bonnink


9 years ago


soooo beautiful!!

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