Krypteria - Tonight video free download

Duration: 03:58
Uploaded: 2009/06/03

Couldnt find this song anywhere so i thought i'll just make a vid for it nd put it on the net.

My first video ever made hope ur gonna like it.

* I Do Not Own The Song Or Any Of The Pics *


3 years ago

denise lefeuvre

beautiful song x

4 years ago


PLease, never delete this clip..

5 years ago


ka aber kennst du elfen lied?

5 years ago

wally Herrera

Tonight.Only tonight Memories of mine flying through time Tonight.Only tonight If i could turn back time i would tonight

5 years ago

Zarfina Auditore da Firenze

hey der song is voll toll aber weis wer von euch ob die bilder aus einer serie oder einem film sind? Wenn ja aus welchem/er?

6 years ago

Angel DJ

Linda canção ♥

7 years ago


Wspaniała jest ta piosenka... Można jej słuchać i słuchać, i słuchać.

7 years ago


Nice job on the video, I like.

7 years ago

Jessika Garça

Good! I loved this song since I was depressed too, couldnt stop crying, even though thats in the past I think is a great song

8 years ago

Jonkhe Wai

@kittyvrossum haha thnx nd hope ur not depressed anymore ^_^

8 years ago


it's a great song and it's funny that it's dedicated to Kitty cause that's also my name and I found this song around a time when I was really depressed.. anyway you did a good job ^^

8 years ago


that's not metal...!?

8 years ago



8 years ago


I hope she knows, man. For the sake of the past, and of memories of days gone by. I hope she knows you still care. --- Omnia vincit amor - love conquers all.

8 years ago


I Iove this song!!

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