Kreayshawn - Summertime feat. V-Nasty - Pseudo VHS Video video free download

Duration: 04:07
Uploaded: 2012/06/26

Download "Summertime" Feat. V-Nasty Produced by DJ Two Stacks for free at!


"Somethin' Bout Kreay" In stores and online August 14th, 2012

VHS VIDEO SHOT BY - UZI ✖ @uzi_uzi_uzi ✖


3 years ago

James Rey

TBC=That Bomb Click!THAT'S Clakin!! Shot it.

3 years ago

Jerome Gage Jr.

Fuck the bullshit, this song SLAPS. It's one of my favs by Krey. Just a chill ass song. Wish she made more like this.

3 years ago

Frank L

This is like one of those joke songs right?

3 years ago

Lola Jlls

manque plus que le bac

3 years ago


It's a dream of mine to kick it with you and just chill and burn

3 years ago

wolf tyler

kreayshawn is hot

3 years ago

Aaron Dominguez

She should be more famous than iggy

3 years ago

Joshua Rodriguez

i love kreayshawn

3 years ago


Today is my last day of high school! Turnnnnnup!

3 years ago

maria millers

I need a girlfriend call me 2766355 ask for josh I'm 25

3 years ago

Aziz H

how would one make such a video exactly?

3 years ago

Fernando Adrian

she is a cute dogella es una linda perrita

3 years ago

Francessca Brannon

help me @vnasty

3 years ago


Ugh same. I wish she made more songs like these and continued her career.

3 years ago

Lyric K.

_ノ ヽノ \_`/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ( (三ヽ人 / || ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ ノヽ___>、___/ |( 王 ノ〈/ミ`ー―彡ヽ/ ヽ_/ |

3 years ago

ali homran

Ugly ass hoe 

3 years ago

Giovanni Ramirez

Dammmmn almost 3 years ago this song came out time goes hella fast

3 years ago


pure dogshit

3 years ago



3 years ago

Ally Blom

Dafuq.....!!! YAAAAAAAWN!!!!!!

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