King Diamond - Sleepless Nights [Official Video] video free download

Duration: 04:05
Uploaded: 2012/05/22

King Diamond - Sleepless Nights

Official Video

From the album: "Conspiracy"


3 years ago

Indigo Sky

Listening to

3 years ago

Zachary Esselstrom

Can't wait to see the King at Mayhem Fest!!!!! \m/

3 years ago


Isso é música e letra! 

3 years ago

torn mask

#1 King Diamond song - Sleepless Nights!!! #1 Mercyful Fate song - The Night!!!

3 years ago

Brandon Cook

Haven't heard this in a while. Love this band

3 years ago

jhoss insane

The King of Darkness...!!!

3 years ago

axel zanetti

y buenas noches!!!

4 years ago

David Baeza

King rules....

4 years ago

Nihil Quest

Music in this song reminds me of Jake E. Lee's albums with Ozzy.

4 years ago

johnny jones

i said i d play a good song so i did.

4 years ago

Chris Calgary

never stay up late at end up watching crap like this

4 years ago

Malak Angèle Gallant


4 years ago

Michael Boatner

Need to take the thumbs down away hail the true king

4 years ago

Lobo Bowers

All Hail The King !!!!

4 years ago

lovo sheoll

lo major del heavy \m/ \m/

4 years ago

Bryan Huntington

How can someone not like 5 not likes r u kidding me if u no like not true king this is vintage metal from the other side of the world

4 years ago

bluegypsyheart Der

one of my favorites

4 years ago


This is oficial video? Mutated by mp3?

5 years ago


Long live the King

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