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Duration: 04:35
Uploaded: 2008/05/27

King Diamond - A Mansion In Darkness Lyrics:

Riding up the alley in the rain

No lights to show the way

How could this ever be their home

Through the darkness you could only see

A giant shadow wich was to be

A house where evil ruled at night

And the shadows at the gate, they seemed to be alive

Yeah the shadows at the gate, alive

Everything inside was left untouched

Except for what the rats had got

And the dust of time that showed its mark

Armed with candlelight and open eyes

Through the dark they fought their way

til every room was lit again...again

And the house began to breathe, it seemed to be alive

Yeah the house began to breathe, alive

As the candlelight began to fade

And jonathan said lets go to bed

The fireplace had ceased to burn...burn

Both were fast asleep before the dawn, dreaming...dreaming

And they did not know about the shadow

Yeah the shadow on the wall, it really came alive

Yeah the shadow on the wall, sunrise!


3 years ago

victor garcia

King as a whole is fantastic. But it in this song the part that stands out to me in particular is right at 1:46 when his scream fades into the guitar.. Goosebumps..

3 years ago

Andrea Morelli

Ma come si fa ad infilare Banderas che parla con una gallina prima di un pezzo di king diamond!?!?!?!?

3 years ago

Mickey Holm

Another great epic from the King of Denmark :DAndy & Denner are amazing on the guitars!Holm rules the bass!!And Mikkey is just a genius on those drums!!!

3 years ago

El Steako

King Diamond - A Mansion In Darkness

3 years ago


One of my favorite King solo era songs.

3 years ago


Amazing from start to finish! That's the thing about the King... You either get it, or you dont

3 years ago



3 years ago

Jonatan Poblete

aguante Andy LaRoque!!

3 years ago


This is the band and song that got me into heavy metal.

3 years ago


Oh God.... such a long time i don't hear this song

3 years ago


#KingDiamond CLASSIC \m/#HeavyMetalHitman face book

3 years ago


This album still gives me goosebumps after 20+ years. It simply doesn't get any better than this, folks.

3 years ago

Marco Sánchez

KD I love your voice and the rest of the band and therefore: music...but I hate your goddamn falsetoPD Andy La Roque!!!

3 years ago

ThrashTillkill Hill

Love this band !

3 years ago


Who are the 2 bastards that dared downvote this song?!This song, as with all the songs on Abigail just kick fucking ass in all aspects, the vox, the guitars, the bass, the drums, the lyrics and general songwriting and arrangements. Abigail was a masterpiece of an album. \m/

5 years ago



5 years ago


yhaa king diamond is my master, i hope to find you in hell ,

5 years ago


Yeah his notes are beyond the 6th octave but that is if we talk about the full real range range, but if his lower register starts on the 2nd or 3rd "real" octave then his register would be about 4 octaves. And I agree King does better lyrics, but that's because they're focused on almost a single theme the occult, and there's a lot of poetry speaking in that theme. Well King may be a better writer, but for me both singers are awesome in their own right

5 years ago


With his falsetto his highest notes are actually well beyond the 6th octave \m/. Rob has him beat with 7 but Rob is the Metal God for a reason, but the King is my personal favorite singer and imo has more versatility and wayyy better writing capability then Halford

5 years ago


ManOwaR(Cough cough) Gay just means colourful and kitschy by the way.

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