Kill It Kid - Send Me An Angel Down video free download

Duration: 04:43
Uploaded: 2009/04/20

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Kill It Kid - Send Me An Angel Down

'Send Me An Angel Down' taken from the album 'Kill it Kid '

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3 years ago

Donald Zastron

LAST HEADS UP TO YOU LOTthanks for giving a heart rendering composition that is heavenly\

3 years ago

Dave Sullivan

this is awsome is it on any album

4 years ago


So this is what happens after Hodor watches The Kings Speech... no worries fanboys, don't get butthurt, I meant that as a compliment. 

4 years ago


As a guy who'd probably like multiple personalities,let me just say,"We Love Ya!" Awesome 

4 years ago


thanks for sharing!

4 years ago


His VOICE <3

4 years ago

Helena Šmrhová

so much good song!

4 years ago


I can't stop listening to this song it is just so good, and I don't get how they are not more well known.

4 years ago

Ayesha H

i honestly love this band, this song especially, wish more people knew about them

4 years ago

Meagan Harker

Wwwooooooowwww huge fan of this band. How unique

4 years ago


oh that voice of his. just makes me melt with every word

4 years ago


Darn this isn't on the US iTunes store. I don't want to download it either because I would truly like to support this talented band.

4 years ago

Jamie Feggans

Pure talent and soul and a samsung ad =)

5 years ago

Trev Moran

3:34 "Stop eating my Twix!"

5 years ago

niko aslanishvili

OMG... how does he sing like that?!

5 years ago

codie edwards

Cried at how beautiful this song is

5 years ago

Robin Tuttle

This song would be perfect in The Vampire Diaries. I hope they pick it up and get these kids names out there more. Grateful to Samsung for sparking my interest!

5 years ago


people call lady gaga a genius?

5 years ago

Jason Murray with Cars

Feel very lucky that I found these guys.... Heard a song on a samsung commercial and had to ID it and i've been hooked ever since.

5 years ago


"taste the rain" as well

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