Kesha - Hymn (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 03:58
Uploaded: 2018/05/31

Get the new album 'Rainbow' featuring “Woman”, “Praying”, “Hymn” and more!

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Kesha is on tour with Macklemore this summer!

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1 year ago

Vann Laris

Kesha you are The Empress!

1 year ago

Himanshu Pant

Her voice ❤️❤️

1 year ago

Jayrel Lanaria

This vid deserves 500 mil views. Mygad. :(

1 year ago

Noémie Bilodeau-Fortin

Wow I didn't even know she was still doing music

1 year ago


If this is not a single... Why did she upload a video?I'm happy that we got a video, but I am just wondering.....

1 year ago

Sono nz

Kesha is like CNN -> FAKE NEWS

1 year ago

Michelle Marges


1 year ago

Dany E Doido

1 year ago

Evgeny Jivoglazov

Why I lent this car to Kesha?

1 year ago

Lito Luison

19 days passed and its just 1.5 million views??????????? Oh, what a kind of ugly evolution the music of world to underrate this song...

1 year ago

Jessie Mangala

She's been one of my favorite singers ever since I heard timber

1 year ago

Mustafa Demirlek

abla dinleyicin azalmıs gel seni bi sikem

1 year ago

Yung ASH


1 year ago

Tara Morris

Favorite song on the album ♡ ♡

1 year ago

kiki papa

1 year ago

Ayse E.

Greaaattt babeeeeeee vuhuuuuuuu

1 year ago


Okay, so hymnless..I think she does want to talk about christians. Me, I always believed in god. But since a while I'm starting to hate the religion its self. If you really look in the history they we're to cruel in my eyes and not connected with nature at all. There are better things to believe in, like the indians and the celtic, viking people..I think.. Oh yes, and at the end of the video. What is that? A ufo? I think it's interesting.....

1 year ago


Beautifull <3 I think..this is briliant and just what I needed.

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