Katrina and the Waves - Que Te Quiero - Old Grey Whistle Test video free download

Duration: 02:49
Uploaded: 2009/02/05

A band that never got the recognition it deserved. I think Katrina was without doubt the hottest rock chick of the 80's.


2 years ago

Cristina Cea

Que te quiero mi vida!!!!!!

2 years ago

Antt Pereira

Katrina & the waves the best!

6 years ago


Kimberley Rew he is though... :)

7 years ago

Jorge Mateo

Better to translate like "That i love you", hehe

8 years ago


@DJWildFire Well, "que te quiero" is more "that I want you"...

8 years ago


@markfretwell1 the Cambridge gig i saw them at was Homerton College ... awesome stuff! i roadied my way into the gig ... marvellous experience!

8 years ago

Pau Coya

@songsamsung in that case, the word "que" in "que te quiero" is not an interrogative, but a relative, it would mean "that I love you"

8 years ago


Oops! just found it means "I Love You". So much for my Spanish!

8 years ago


Great song, but isn't "Que te quiero?" ungrammatical? As I understand it it means "What do you I want". I think what they probably meant was "Que quieres?" (What do you want?). Not that that detracts anything from the song of course...

10 years ago


kimberly great writer katrrina a hottie for sure

10 years ago


Remamber when this went out, fecking amazing, cheered me up after a shit day at my comprehensive.

10 years ago

Mark Fretwell

Brilliant live band. Saw them several times in Cambridge during the 80's they were always great value....

10 years ago


They were just fabulous live. Should have been huge.

10 years ago


They were a very good band.

10 years ago


Kimberly Rue (guitar) is a [email protected]#%^$ savant! A style of his own!

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