Karaoke Hero - Mariah Carey * video free download

Duration: 04:23
Uploaded: 2012/05/15

Download MP3: http://www.karaoke-version.com/mp3-backingtrack/mariah-carey/hero.html

Sing Online: http://www.karafun.com/karaoke/mariah-carey/hero/

* This version contains a low volume vocal guide to help you learn the song. The karaoke version without the vocal guide is available on www.karafun.com. This recording is a cover of Hero as made famous by Mariah Carey - This version is not the original version, and is not performed by Mariah Carey. This instrumental/playback version contains a vocal guide, the lyrics and backing vocals.

All the assets on KaraFun channels are used by permission under licensing agreement with rights holders (music composition, sound re-recording).


4 years ago

Aymen Tanca


4 years ago

Celia Rabelo

Karaoke "I Wanna Fall" Sam Alves please!!!

4 years ago

Raul Almoete

Much beter w/ voice more nicer

4 years ago

Vicky Hanitha

Yes , i can sing this song *happy

4 years ago


WHen the backing vocal can't even sing.. :/

4 years ago

Aaron Campos

Trying to belt out E5s and sustain a B4...LOL!!!!

4 years ago

Fean Valentino

I love it

4 years ago

Makayla Cameron


4 years ago

Marcelo de Bourbon

KARAOKE WITH VOICES ????????????????

4 years ago


I don't think a song has ever meant so much to me, I've never sung with such emotions. Thank you for writing this masterpiece

4 years ago

Helin Oner

Omg I can sing this...

4 years ago

Eddie Vasquez

This song is a good song because everyone is a hero no matter who you are

4 years ago

Gloria Law

Gloria Law Favorites Karaoke Song to sing entitled HERO. I am SO proud of all wearing uniforms serving our country SO hard work and very dedicated of their services to our Country The United States Of America. :)

4 years ago

marie bacor

very beautiful song.....

4 years ago

Kayla Lever

I can actually sing this. #lovethis

4 years ago

Vandy Nair

I if u sub to mine I will to urs too

4 years ago


I don't like the singing in the back...

4 years ago

Alyssa Awaits

Love to sing this song karaoke !!!

4 years ago

Agnes Saumani

screaming my lungs out :D

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