Heaven & Hell - C.C. Catch Cover by Burschi1977 video free download

Duration: 03:25
Uploaded: 2014/05/31

Nice 80´s Tune

played live with customized Factory Style


4 years ago

Alex Sem

Do you record to midi?

4 years ago


Excellent sound with arrangements for the Toros very well!!!

4 years ago

Nick Allen

Brilliant. You are am inspiration to me. Can you recommend the Tyros 5?? I would love one. 

4 years ago

Maria Jose Pereira

Magnífico. Grata bom dia.

4 years ago


You have sheet music for this piece?if someone has this information please

4 years ago

Сергей Алмазов

Burschi1977 Please, Please, Please, make (jam & spoon find me) Please, Please, Please, you have a huge gift

4 years ago

Gábor Molnár


4 years ago

Olaf hantzsche


4 years ago

Ленар Хужин

Супер - аж потанцевать и петь захотелось)))

4 years ago


For how long have you played keyboard etc.?

4 years ago

Claude Voitout

Bravo pour cette magnifique interprétation, c'est un plaisir de vous écouter

4 years ago

Momo Joue

Hello. 100% super music instrumental electronic. 

4 years ago

Augustine Kizis

Super good!!!!!!

4 years ago

german ramirez

Eso si es musica para disfrutar

4 years ago

Alex Teichrib

Du spielst eicht richtig geill, respekt!!!

4 years ago


a very good cover version can you play cc catch - little by little that would sound good or any other cc catch songs keep up the good work

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