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Duration: 04:31
Uploaded: 2010/04/25




The song "Down a Road" is featured on Hard Target's mixtape "Southern Axesent"

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.hardtargetmusic.com

Directed and edited by Scott of http://www.sdmcreations.com

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Verse 1

another ciggerette burning in my astray

same bill collector still callin me from last week

they ridin on my back and now im feeling like a taxi

feeling how im feeling if you feel like you gon ask me

preacher man on the tv try to sell me some hope

i need it i know, but in a healthier dose

addicted to the spittin and should of left it alone

sturggle to break the surface but these methods are old

i tried everythang, but that medicine was a must

they had everything, but they never did what they love

the evidence was enough, ya second win was abrupt

they thought they wanted it all, but then it isnt enough

cuz in the long run,

ya life only plays out until the songs done

my daddy tell me hold it down while im gone son

but what he gone done

so many choices, its not my fault you pick the wrong ones

i keep thinking its me, you keep thinking im right

and he eventually sees he's doing things outta spite,

and none of this is worth it no more

it was perfect before, but now you only hurting and sore

the same tune in ya head like ya heard it before

you know the song, featuring ya turn at the door

its like feeling you want gone but certainly wont

cuz the same feelings is there when them curtains are close


like here we go,

down a road we aint been before

the same shit, another bill knockin on my door

mr. postman please dont come no more

ya cant get what i aint got, ya cant get no more


like here we go

down a road

here we go

down a road

Verse 2

they say its all fun and games

rapping for a living, am i livin for the fame

running from reality, its numbing up the pain

do another show, is there something that i gain

when i struggle for some change, am i humble am i vain

quote me if im wrong, and they're nothin in the same

cover up the shame, cuz you buckled under flames

cant stand the heat then get the fuck up out the game

theres enough of you today, to make me quit and walk away

grandpa, if you could see me now

looking down wit a smile, you would be so proud

thinking wow, i made it, do i need know how

living, without a limit, teaching me no bounds

but i arose to the occasion, alone and i made it

took the cards i was delt, just rode, and i played it

haters, they dont wanna see me make it, face it

swallow ya pride and just taste it


3 years ago

Vincent King

How do I get this version of the mix? Its better then the one I can buy on Google. I want this version.

3 years ago

Vincent King

Fuck this is so hot man

3 years ago


HT is underrated for ages. What a shame!

3 years ago

Zachery fraczkiewicz

Great song

3 years ago

Michael Gooler

Reppin' that JCpenny! Have not seen a sothpole shirt since about 5 grade. We wer a bunch of kids in the woods thinking we were hood lol .. Kinda funny.

3 years ago


I'm really enjoying this song!

3 years ago


Rusmentti Räätälin Ruisrammaajia ! :)

3 years ago

James Thorpe

Love from London!! I want to see this guy overseas ASAP!!!

3 years ago

Davis Hutchinson

Sick song 

3 years ago


dont give a fuck this shit is the best

3 years ago



3 years ago


just started listening to this guy last night,how the fuck hasn't he got more recognition?

3 years ago

Cassandra Haugen

Holy shit, love his vocals! Great track :)

3 years ago

Jennifer Wyte

Fucking thief. Citizen Cope "Fame"

3 years ago

John Byrd

I've been listening to hard target since his first mixtape. I was downloading his singles one at a time back in the day. I've spoken to him a couple of times. All I want is to share this music and shake this mans hand because he is one of my heroes. He helped me through some shit with his lyrics. 

3 years ago

Meredith Fountain

Kid...ur nice...good stuff...its refreshing to hear substance in lyrics

3 years ago

Paul Noyola


3 years ago


another dope underground rapper

3 years ago

Kyle Griffith

I think he sampled this beat from Citizen Coop's song "Fame"

3 years ago

Glenda Love

Dude yer awesome. 

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