Green Day - We Are The Champions - Live at Reading Festival 2004 video free download

Duration: 03:38
Uploaded: 2006/09/13

Green Day - We Are The Champions Live - Reading

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3 years ago


More like Queen day! Am I right? xD I kid of course but a good cover none the less

3 years ago

Joseph Gagnon

Check out this video on YouTube:

3 years ago

Johnathan Garcia

You brought me fame and fortune and I'm at the fucking reading festivil 

3 years ago

Liza Chen

You can really hear the years of singing and vocal training that BJA has done here; FANTASTIC performance!

3 years ago

Jv Espiritu

3 of my favorite bands sang 3 of my most favorite songs of Queen :D-We will Rock you by MCR-We are the Champions by Green day-Bohemian Rhapsody by Panic at the Disco :D

3 years ago

julian rogowski

2:42 Girl shows boobs xDDD

3 years ago

michael alvarez

baddddddddddddd song

3 years ago

Francesco Baldetti

Mitici come sempre

3 years ago

Olivia Hobright

i love u billie this song is boss love queen and greenday,a mix is just bae

3 years ago

Ricky's Guitar Channal

That Fake Mustache looked like someone had shit on his face 

3 years ago

Alex Fulgencio

No, Green Day, you most definitely are not.

3 years ago

Mr. Pilgrim

Green Day, the favorite band of my early teens, standing on the shoulders of giants... thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

Caleb Boswell

):)I'm bipolar don't judge me

3 years ago

Martin Pardo

Fucking awesome crowd!

3 years ago

Celia DuMolin

Billie Joes voice is so amazing with this song! Its so soft and just... Amazing.

3 years ago

trevin schraeder

Who's the stupid fuck with the upside down flag 

3 years ago

Zee wright

11 years ago wow time goes fast

3 years ago

Vaibhav Sood

queen is highly overrated,i think green day's songs are amazing .i mean listen to jesus of subarbia or 21st century breakdown or any other song.

3 years ago

albert febry

Nice try billie.. But u will never as great as freddie :)

3 years ago

Angy _nas

Green Day - We Are The Champions

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