Green Day - Know Your Enemy (With Lyrics) video free download

Duration: 03:16
Uploaded: 2009/08/16

Basically, It's one of Green Day's new song out on the new album :)

Green Day - Know your Enemy! With lyrics :P

I am taking requests off people!! Give me a email with your choice of song!!

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3 years ago

panda the kitten


3 years ago

Superbad Films

Only good song on 21st century breakdown

3 years ago


old episodes of wwe smackdown brought me here

3 years ago

susan the dead fish

hunger games.yes. hunger games.

3 years ago

john lee

My enemy is everyone who disliked this song

3 years ago


Do you know your enemy? My enemy is ISIS and the anime fantard

3 years ago

Juliette Zephyr

Green Day has always basically been a pop band. Very melodic. I grew up listening to their songs on the radio.

3 years ago

Gunner Johnson

Thumbs up if free birds brought you here 

3 years ago

Dinah Jane

Smack Down.

3 years ago

Jonathan Bevacqua

thumbs up for 2015

3 years ago

jack whiting

Ah,one of my old favourites.

3 years ago

Gabreya Bradley

Badass song! :-D

3 years ago

dennis sema

Capitalism is the enemy. 

3 years ago

Ariel Holmes

This song is great!

3 years ago

Tubbs AMFyoyo

just keeps getting better with each often does that happen nowadays?Magic...turn it up

3 years ago


I love this song mainly because it sounds like 90s Green Day. As if this song somehow didn't make it on Dookie and they decided to release later lol

3 years ago

Angy _nas

Love this song

3 years ago

Alvert Reyes

WWE SmackDown!

3 years ago

Third Street

wwe smackdown theme

3 years ago

Flash Sentry

Back when WWE's Smack Down was good.

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