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Duration: 03:03
Uploaded: 2012/08/22

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3 years ago

Danik Rekun


3 years ago

bia valdeiz

see, thalia grace

3 years ago

Ritz Cracker

Now who's the real American Idiot? Barack H. Obama!

3 years ago


No hay ninguno que hable español?:v Creo que no hay...

3 years ago


Don't wanna be a Canadian idiot Don't wanna be some beer swillin' hockey nut And do I look like some frostbitten hose-head? I never learned my alphabet from A to Zed They all live on donuts and moose meat And they leave the house without packin' heat Never even bring their guns to the mall And you know what else is too funny? Their stupid Monopoly money Can't take 'em seriously at all Well maple syrup and snow's what they export They treat curling just like it's a real sport They think their silly accent is so cute Can't understand a thing they're talkin' aboot Sure they got their national health care Cheaper meds, low crime rates and clean air Then again well they got Celine Dion Eat their weight in Kraft macaroni And dream of drivin' a Zamboni All over Saskatchewan Don't wanna be a Canadian idiot Won't figure out their temperature in Celsius See the map, they're hoverin' right over us Tell you the truth, it makes me kinda nervous Always hear the same kind of story Break their nose and they'll just say "sorry"Tell me what kind of freaks are that polite? It's gotta mean they're all up to somethin' So quick, before they see it comin' Time for a pre-emptive strike!Disclaimer, this is from a wierd al song

3 years ago

the joker

fuck you to Green Day

3 years ago

Iskandar Zulqarnain

Johnny Test!

3 years ago

kayla devree

this song has the same tune as canadian idiot by weird al yankovic. I like both songs but I just now relized that.

3 years ago

הידי הירשפלד

Why cencord

3 years ago

Savvy Elizabeth

Am I mistaken, or was that Nickelodeon slime?

3 years ago

Amy George

Cool song. :)

3 years ago

Echo Yellow shield

they said fuck america i hate them

3 years ago

Lisandra Ferraz de Santana

por que censurar os palavrões? kkkkk <3

3 years ago


Top 10 Bands10.Good Charlotte9.The Ramones8.Dag Nasty (Really awesome hardcore punk band from the 80s I would first start off with their album Can I Say?) 7.Operation Ivy6.Sex Pistols5.Weezer (Not punk but their awesome to me)4.Sum 413.The Offspring2.Blink 1821.Green Day

3 years ago


omg this takes me back

3 years ago

Janina Balsiunaitė

This is a 5 Seconds Of Summer song :(

3 years ago

melly candy

So i was talking to my friend that loves 5sos and i asked her wat was her favorite song of 5sos she said American idiot i was so mad

3 years ago

Skylar Baker

The Americans hating this video wow I'm American and I still like this song I take no offense

3 years ago

Mandy Rijkeboer

My mom used to, still does, put on greenday songs and because of her I love them songs 2...I love my mom :p

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