Girl's Generation(SNSD) - Sexy Dance (少女時代 소녀시대 HD hq live mv britney spears circus) video free download

Duration: 02:07
Uploaded: 2009/01/25

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Girls Generation (snsd 少女時代) is 9 Korean girl group (sooyoung taeyeon sunny tiffany jessica yuri yoona hyoyeon seohyun) and introduce their song


The Boys Visual Dreams intel Beautiful Girls echo Mr taxi the great escape Bad Girl

[2010' October]

Hoot Mistake My Best Friend Wake Up Snowy Wish

Japanese Gee Japan Genie

[2010' march]

Run Devil Run (Black Soshi)

[2010' January]

Oh! , Show! Show! Show! , Sweet Talking Baby, Forever, Be Happy, Boys & Girls-feat.key (SHINee), Talk To Me, ☆★☆, Stick Wit U , Day by Day , Gee Genie Live mv pv

[2009' October]

Chocolate love

[2009' June]

Genie (Tell Me Your Wish), Etude, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, My Child, One Year Later

[2009' January]

Gee, Way To Go, Dear. Mom, Destiny, Let's Talk About LOVE

[2007' November]

Girls Generation, Ooh La-La, Baby Baby, Complete, Kissing you, Merry go round, Tears, Tinkerbell, 7989, Honey

[2007' August]

Into The New World, Beginning, Perfect For You


4 years ago

Hai Kute

Ai bit bai hat nay la gi k

4 years ago

Belle Lin

What's that song?

4 years ago

Aishen Robin

at 00:34 or something, when the music played and there goes the leader i was like.. you're so gheeiiiii <3 <3 xD

4 years ago

Heiilyn Park

Honestly, I prefer Yoona's way of dancing among snsd.That's why I love this performance because she really STAND OUT here ;)

4 years ago

Toon parathai

Yoona. She so cute !

4 years ago

angel plus

me encanto :) bailaron de una manera sexi y sofisticada... No hace falta ser vulgar para lograr algo sexi además si no me equivoco es la primera y ultima vez que estuvieron TODAS juntas para un VS

4 years ago


yoona owned this number

4 years ago


Hyoyeon is the best for dance

4 years ago


where can i watch the other parts of this? I saw 2pm at the end there.also go! I seriously loved the part in the beginning with hyo yuri and yoona! but everyone was really powerful here. lol that sooyoung leg lift at the end. she's sassyyyy. but seriously i gotta say my eyes were following yoona. good job girls! i loved taeyeon's expression when the camera panned to here lol.

4 years ago

Mai Nhat

soo young

4 years ago



4 years ago

Taeyeon Aegyo

WTF !! 11 M viewers hahahaaha . SONE JJANG

4 years ago

Jilanah Althene

Hyoyeon is gorgeous! And she killed it, I'm telling you =)))) This is why she's my bias in SNSD <3

4 years ago


Damn. Too many delusional Yoona fans...

4 years ago

Eric Garner

Ahh I wish they still danced like this..

4 years ago

thư nguyễn

wow..........i love you 

4 years ago


too much hair... (ㄒoㄒ)...

4 years ago

Caroline Guedes

I love how the "sexy" for koreans is a lot more beautiful and simpler than in the other countries. I mean, we're used to see girls showing 'their heads off' to call attention, when you just have to know how to dance in a serious way~I find so amazing that you don't need to show skin or keep dancing in a vulgar way to be sexy~ gogo GG~

4 years ago

colleen v

all wonderfully talented.. but Hyoyeon stands out the most. 

4 years ago


Hyoyeon owned this

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