Five Finger Death Punch - My Nemesis video free download

Duration: 04:19
Uploaded: 2016/02/29

Five Finger Death Punch – My Nemesis

“My Nemesis” is off Five Finger Death Punch’s new album “GOT YOUR SIX” – AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE NOW!!

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3 years ago

Kevin K

Those words at the end are chilling. This hit home in way too many ways. Keep your head up and do your best to help the next one, never give up.

3 years ago


....whatever, it's not like humanity didn't spawn from the minds of teens or anything LMAO history is a .....

3 years ago

Tom Boerman

Why did i read the comments section to this vid? Anyway good vid.

3 years ago

Snipernick 53

My parents didn't sign the permission slip for this feels trip

3 years ago

Sam Best


3 years ago

James Loudermilk

Is it ok that this gave me a Bonner?

3 years ago

Caroline 187-83

I can't imagine my life without you guys <3 Damn.. this one is my favourite. thanks for being who you are and thank you for that smile that you put on my face everyday when I listen to your music<3

3 years ago

Poison Widow Love

I got here from BOTDF like tf? This is good

3 years ago

Blind Wave

Look up Nitemirror

3 years ago


This brought to me bad memories,i fucking lovr this melody!

3 years ago



3 years ago

RealityMotions™ - Oliver R.

I felt especially bad for that dad. :(

3 years ago


Hi guys. Does anyone know the name of the teenage boy ? It's for science. Thanks.

3 years ago

Boneyard Griffith

3 years ago

Nicholas Mars

Ouch my feels.

3 years ago

Paul Chiffoleau

FFDP is insain!! Never in my 34 years of life has there been a Band that really fully speaks of some serious thoughts and feelings of how I am, I think and feel super raw I owe my life to these guy's cause if it wasn't for llistening to them I would have been dead not righting this THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!! LOTS OF LOVE AND RESPECT

3 years ago

Daniel Kornegay

Dear God this sucks

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