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Duration: 03:21
Uploaded: 2013/08/10

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We had the chance to catch up with the guys of Falling In Reverse at Warped Tour in Pomona, California, where Ronnie Radke and co. filled us in on the importance of originality, dish on why all of their songs get the pit going, share their tattoo stories, and reveal their most scandalous fan encounter.


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3 years ago


What the fuck I LOVE afi. I wanted to be Davey too when I was younger (and I'm a girl lol) now I wanna be jacky. He's so cool and talented! 

3 years ago

Ciara Dowling

lmao more like ronnie radke interview with fir standing next to him... haha jk I love ronnie 

3 years ago

emily bean

AWH Derek

3 years ago

Escape From this

I love these guys with all my heart

3 years ago

cassie cloud

I think Ronnie's Fly is down

3 years ago


That guy loves AFI. Thats cool.

4 years ago

veeoneEyelover slavick

Ewhy is he in a wheelchair??????

4 years ago

nayeli gonzalez

Falling In Reverse Perf

4 years ago

Kat The Creeper

i love jacky's nightmare before christmas tattoo!

4 years ago

Luigi Cano

The best !

4 years ago

Harmony Kent

Falling in reverse are amazing

4 years ago

Brooke Emily

they all have the same glasses :')

4 years ago


aww i wanted to be davey havok too!

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