Evanescence - Anywhere video free download

Duration: 05:29
Uploaded: 2006/11/30

another one for my gal...


3 years ago

Miriam Dräger

einfach nur super schön :-)))))

3 years ago


I don't know why. But all the Evanescence songs touch my heart! All the emotions in the songs + melody + Amy's haunting beautiful voice! I feel like I could always relate myself to their songs :)

3 years ago

Janine Viviane Hofmann

always loved the music by evanescence... and some of the songs seem like a mirror...about love... indifferently if someone special, a friend, a relative,... all of them can break a heart, all of them know *how* to hurt much better than any other, all of them know much better *what* hurts... so to me love is only pain... :(please forgive these sad words

3 years ago

Wesley Barros

Muito lindaaaa amo esta música ;-)

3 years ago

Mary Rohde

love sucks all the guys want to abuse me then take me to court for their actions so i can be the one in trouble for no good reason love does not exist

3 years ago

RaffaLynn XD

esa musica <333

3 years ago

Caliya Ledesma

Eeeeeeee, so beautiful! Is this the official music video, or is it fan-made?

3 years ago

darkdesire riley

this song makes me upset dontknow why.

3 years ago


World smart nevermind true

3 years ago

Troy Turner

@Leah Westrum, I believe this is off one of their earlier EPs or their demo CD called Origin (and Origin is NOT an album, like most fans seem to believe).

3 years ago

Dariana Iasmina

What is the movie name???

3 years ago

Wheba Heeb


3 years ago

Tauli Simo


3 years ago

Angela Orellana

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