EURYTHMICS - There Must Be An Angel (live 1987) video free download

Duration: 06:46
Uploaded: 2010/05/20

Live at Sydney, Australia 1987.


3 years ago


This was the practice before he blew them away with his harmonica at Wembley the next year

3 years ago


That Harmonica got REKT

3 years ago

Svilen Konac

Annie Lennox klasa za sebe. Ovakvi muzički umetnici na žalost danas se više ne mogu naći.

3 years ago


who's the man playing the harmonica?

3 years ago

bounbty barocho


3 years ago

Gerald Bowerman

Nice Harmonica work there.Actually they were all fantastic!

3 years ago

AndexxlolxD ashfasfas

a esto se le llama concierto perfecto gran gits de mi adolesencia

3 years ago

vivi o'

There must be an angel ( playing with my heart ) --- EURYTHMICS --- ( Annie Lennox - David Stewart )

3 years ago

Roksana O

Amazing !

3 years ago

B.L. Frazer

Wow!!!!....... and really? 6 people disliked pure talent and musicianship. Annie on Lead, Dave providing the groove, Joniece on backup and Jimmy Z (the John Coltrane of the Harmonica) killing his solo. Angels were dancing to this.

3 years ago

Marusan Alves Rodrigues

Eurythmics - Theres Must Be An Angel... Tocou muito... Bons anos 80 que não voltam...

3 years ago

luna blu

Spesso la vita ti spegne i sorrisiè in quel momentoche senti una manoleggera sul tuo cuorequella mano che solo un angelopuò posarsi e farli risplendere..ecco questo per me è la vera amiciziaun angelo che ti è sempre accanto,anche quando ci sono nuvole 

3 years ago

Manolito Calor

if there are angels than there is god

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