Emma-Louise - Sam video free download

Duration: 03:55
Uploaded: 2010/06/07

A song about a friend


4 years ago

Christophe P

You are gorgeous ;)

5 years ago

Kjersti Hodgson

ugh. gorgeous. thank you for sharing yourself.

5 years ago

Claudia Hooks

The real Sam sent me here. o_O

5 years ago


Emma, can you please make an acoustic EP with some of these songs. Just acoustic guitar, piano, your voice, harmonies, and maybe some subtle ambient background stuff. It would be wonderful. Also, how/when can I get Backseats? I didnt pre-order the album at JB so I never got it.

6 years ago


you are amazing, i loved your songs, your sweet voice, From Argentine my major desires

6 years ago


gorgeous song <3

7 years ago


Wow this song is amazing, it's kinda weird how it almost exactly describes my perspective on one of my old friends, the whole brother part and everything. Wow.

7 years ago


This Sam must be a great person ;o)

7 years ago


i just found you on itunes, i instantly became a fan! thanks for making the world more beautiful with your voice =)

7 years ago


My names Emma and Louise is my middle name :)

8 years ago


your so good.

8 years ago

Sam Trer

Awesome song

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